It's starting to come back a little.  Water temps creeping back up to about 52.  Caught 3 fish.  Biggest was 7 lbs.  Getting better.  These fish will be going on a big time binge within a couple of weeks, I can feel it.   Blue skies, sunny, windy as crap from the NW 15+.  Pulling planers, floats, and flatlines all rigged with splitshot.


Later in the month

Cold snap, surface back down to 49.4, nothing biting at all.  Bait was a little tougher, but not too bad-4 throws with the net.  Windy, shiatty, cold.



Oconee, hybrids.  The water is warming and finally clearing out a little.  Clarity is actually approaching 1.5 feet!  Wow.  Bait was easy today.  Water temps started out 51-52 ish and heated to 55.  We boated 21 hybrids mostly in the 4-5 lb range with a couple smaller and a couple bigger.  Best hybrid trip yet this year.  Sunny, 65 degrees, no wind.



Well, there really hasn't been any comparison as of yet.  My biggest fish have been a couple of nasty gar.  Other than that, I have caught two striped fish (in the form of hybrids).  One in a cast net in 100 degree water.  The other on a freelined thread in front of a lighted dock at night.  Some crappie, some bass, some bream and lots of catfish.  NOTHING big.  Big here is 5 lbs.  Weird.

My buddy Wes, has been keeping me abreast on the situation back home.  He's catching a few good river stripes still.  The TSBA continues to sentence some relatively unknown striper fisheries to death.  Cooler weather and muddy water clearing out is going to bring some of the best striper fishing of the year to the headwaters.  Fish starved through the summer heat will fatten up as the water cools and things will heat up all the way to winter when the fish take to their cold water patterns.

I plan to do some exploring down here and eventually win.  My dad and I burned up over 60 miles of river last week on the Oconee river.  Looks good.  Hopefully all of you guys out there in 'internet fishing land' are doing well.  I got DSL now, so things will be back to normal.  I'll have some photos of the pitiful little fish on here soon.