April 2003



Pulled some jacks, had some wild action.  Didn't land any fish, but did strip some drag.  I don't think the fish were quite big enough for the 2 lb jacks we were offering.  We got to see a 20+ lb stripe about 15 feet from the boat trying to size up one of the baits, awesome to see it unfold.  Several large blow ups, about 4-5 missed hookups.  Water was 68, clarity 4 feet.  Thunderstorms loomed all around, but we didn't encounter anything.  Stiff 15 mph breeze from the W for a while, then it got nice.



Did some more jetting around on another river somewhere in Tennessee with buddy Ryan.  We pulled planers for a few miles without a sniff.  I think it's a little early still here.  Water temp was 49, clarity about 6 feet.  Very nice weather, 80 degrees on land, but it was 49 on the water!  



Fished on a river somewhere.  It was a little windy, the water was muddied up a little and very low.  I got my first ride in a River Pro boat.  This boat was a missile for a jet!  We GPS'ed it at 44 mph with 4 batteries and a trolling motor on board!  As far as shallow draft, we hit twice....the first was a stump sticking out of the water and the second was the bottom in about 2" of water.  Outstanding boat...basically if you could see water, you could run there.  We didn't fish too hard and didn't have any action, but it was a nice day.  Sunny, temps around 80, water was 66 degrees.



Bait was tough, didn't get started until about 7:30.  Caught 3 smaller fish, the biggest came on topwater and was 10 lbs.  Nice weather, no wind, good clarity.  Sacred water.



Nice day on the sacred waters.  Boated 6 fish and had several more opportunities.  Half of the day's catch came at one time with a triple of 15, 20 and 21 lbs.  Water was 61 degrees, clarity was good...just barely stained.  Other fish were all under 10 lbs.  Gizzards on planers were the trick.  Wind played havoc today, gusting to 25 from all directions.  The poor Autopilot was doing circles.  Mostly cloudy, about 80 degrees.  Good day.



Fished for a loss on Norris.  Surface temp is ranging from 64-71 and surface action during the day has halted.  Didn't mark any fish anywhere and very little bait.  Days like this reminds you why Norris is nicknamed the dead sea.  Couldn't have paid for better weather though, 80 degrees, sunny, not much wind.  Clarity was clear in the main lake and just barely stained in the creeks.



Off to the sacred water after much driving strife!  Two wrecks and a rolling roadblock.  Caught one fish about 15 lbs while letting the first planer out and it was my only hit.  Heavy rains clouded up the water while I was there.  Too much for the fish to want to feed.  Bait was somewhat of a chore today, odd.  Water temp: 59, clarity was going away badly.  One stripe.



Paid homage to Melton Hill.  We secured 15 good gizzards, a blue sucker, some highfin carpsuckers, and some other little shiny fishy things.  Had some action on the gizzards, one got jerked pretty hard, but no hookups.  We could have filled the boat with skipjack.  Water temp was 60, clarity 3 feet.  No fish.



Took a little after-work trip to the sacred waters.  Turned out real successful.  Took 11 shad, used 11 shad, all were brutalized.  Touched 3 fish and had the biggest in netting range when it pulled the hook.  Approx weights were 20 (the one that got away), 17, 10 and 5.  Water temp: 58, clarity: real nice.  Weather was ideal, 83 degrees, sunny, moderate winds got somewhat annoying.



I had 5 reasons to go fish today.  3 little ones, a medium one and one decent one.  First three stripes were about 5 lbs each, 4th stripe was about 10 lbs and the 5th weighed in right at 20.  Water quality is improving slowly.  At this very secret, undisclosed, never-to-be-guided-on waterway the temp was 56, clarity was 4 feet and there was a good bit of current from the rain.  Weather was nearly perfect, 75 degrees, high blue sky, light to no wind.  Good day, good stripes.



Found some clear water to fish after the big monsoon.  Released an 8 lber and a 24 lber in the afternoon and didn't have a hit the rest of the day.  The bigger fish came out of octopi holler and fought like a 40.  I thought I really had a hold of something to write home about.  I guess in 54 degree water, they have a mountain of energy.  Even that little fish pulled good on 20 lb test.  Bluebird day, wind never broke 5 mph, niiiiiiice.  Stripes were seen.




Rain cut the day short at about 1, but we got a 15 lber in and had a couple of other hits for entertainment purposes.  Bait was a bit tougher than normal, got it around Kingston...it's not in the coves.  Water temp was 58, clarity: 6 feet.  Windy yet again, temps in the 60's and overcast.  One stripe.



Put in a full day and boated 4 stripes.  5, 8, 18, and 26 lbs.  Good fish, but no big bruisers yet.  It's good to see small fish in some of these places too.  It was a little cool in the 60's, partly cloudy, very windy 15+ (NE) all day and didn't lay down in the evening.  Bait has moved some with the water being so low on Melton Hill.  Pretty good conditions.  We had about 20 other hits including 4 baits pulled off the hook.  Great action, saw stripes.   Water: 60-61, clarity 10+.  We had a boat run, on plane,  UNDER one of our planer lines, very neat.



2 locations, 2 stripes.  21 lbs and 30.5 lbs.  Not a bad day's work, but we had a couple of missed fish to add to the excitement.  Water temps were 54 and 56.  Clarities were 10 and 3 feet, fish caught on shad and skipjack.  Windy day, sunny, temps were in the 70's.  Good stripes.



A short evening trip to Melton Hill yielded a 14 lb stripe.  Good hits, just one fish hooked up.  Bait was there, water was 57 degrees.  Wind laid down just enough to fish.