May 2004


The Rest of May:

Two more 20+ fish, a 23lb and a 27 lb.  As far as details.....uhhhhhh.  



Hey, guess what?  4 more stripes today...but all were 20 lbs or better this time.  We had a 23 and a 22 at location 1 on skipjacks.  Water temp 65-66, clarity 5-6 feet.  A few other missed hits due to the fish being slightly more lethargic than on past trips.  The 23 lber was a hunchback and the 22 was the same 21 from yesterday's trip + 1 skipjack in its belly.  It had a fresh hookhole and had a mark on it that we remembered.  Second location revealed a double-up and the only two fish we caught there at 28 and 21 lbs.  Both on jacks, lobbing.  First time for jacks at this location.  One other hit with no hookup was all for today.  Water temp was 59-64, clarity about 7-8 feet.  Still shattering records.




Brought a camera and still caught fish...hmm.  4 stripes, 32, 28, 21 and 18 lbs.  Many more hits, 2 broken lines (I'm gonna learn how to tie a line to a hook some day).  We had a long mid-day lull and caught 1 more fish after the morning 3.  All fish were caught under bright sunshine.   Water temp was 64.9 in the morning and peaked at 70 by late afternoon when we left.  Clarity was 5 feet.  Air was in the upper 80's and no wind early turned into 10-15 mph with gusts to 25 making things tough.  Good, solid 99 lbs of fish.



No cameras seems to be working.  Boated 4 fish, only 1 over 20 lbs and that was a thin 32 lber that measured out to 43".  The other 3 fish were 18, 10, and 6.  The 32 and the 18 came on a double.  Weather was perfect, a little warm in the upper 80's, no wind, water was 69 degrees, clarity 5 feet.  Another notch in the big fish book.



One of those days where it pays off to NOT have a camera on board.  8 stripes in 2 hours (including bait catching).  Weights: 28, 23, 22, 21, 20, 20, 19, 17.  Two double-ups.  Water was 69 degrees, 4' clarity.  All fish were lip hooked today.  We missed a few hits, but not too many.   Air was 85 and mostly sunny, a little breezy at first, then died down by 7.  We left at 7:30 after the fish turned off like a light.  It is on, right now.  Did mention that you need to book your trips now?  This weekend is taken.



It was so good yesterday, we had to do it again after work today.   First round of baits went without a landed fish but it wasn't for a lack of active fish.  Second round of baits yielded 3 stripes, 20, 22, and 31 lbs.  The two smaller fish came of baits about 16-17" long and about 1.5 lbs.  It's amazing what these fish will try to eat sometimes.  Water was 69, clarity about 3 feet, mostly cloudy and about 82 degrees.  Perfect.  The fish are as 'on' as they can get.




O yes, it is on.  7 stripes, 14, 17, 17, 20, 21, 23, and 26 lbs.  Water was 67, clarity around 5 feet.  It was sunny and about 80, little to no wind and nice all day.  Bait was easy, even the right size bait.  We only fished for about 5 hours and left hitting fish due to running out of fluids.  We had blow-ups, boils galore, hits, misses, watched fish inhale the bait and of course we had hook-ups.  Catching fish like this reminds you why you keep on fishing.  

Book a trip NOW.



Made a final trip to the upper end of the Bar.  Pulled 2 smaller fish, 10-12 lbs on gizzards.  Water temp was 71-80, the spawn is over, and the big fish are headed to their summer haunts.  Nice weather, light breeze, 82 degrees, sunny and NIIIIICE.



Made an afternoon trip for the masses.  Got bait with some slight difficulty. I believe the bulk of the big gizzards are in the main river right now in the Knoxville area.  They are in full spawn mode and have run out of the coves.  Look for flipping in the main channel adjacent to 10-12' deep water.  They should be balled up and easy to catch.  I caught a skipjack, a yellow perch and a white bass.  And we found that the River Pro is indeed mortal...The weakness: Bedrock.  Big hole in the pump housing near the intake and lots of bad bangs on the bottom due to an unfriendly Clinch river.  Friends at home, don't try to run it with the water all the way down.  Nice day to be out, partly sunny and about 85 degrees.



Fished same spots, identical patterns, weather was a little shiftier and more humid.  Water temps were same as was alcrity, but I only managed 2 fish.  15 and 21 lbs.  Not too shabby, but a little disappointment after yesterday's haul.



Had a real good day on the river today.  Had 6 hits, hooked up on 6 fish, and despite the 31 lb hog that tried to wrap me up in two separate trees, we boated and released all 6 fish.  How?  Why, none other than the new 6/0 Eagle Claw 197 circle hooks.  Super sharp and well designed for striped bass on LARGE live bait.  Fish weights were 21, 22, 22, 27, 27, and 31 lbs.  We left early to end things on a good note.  Weather was ideal all day, little to no wind, highs in the upper 80's.  Water was running in the 66-68 range with clarity at 6 feet.  It was a superb day to be fishing and even better day for catching.





What have I done????

'04 Tundra Double-Cab 4x4 V8.  OOPS.



Got Ryan's furniture, went fishing.  Caught 3 dipers and 1 striper about 10 lbs.  Used gizzards and banged up the river pro a little.



Fished for a while, had a big fish chase a skipjack, got rained on, went home.  Came back, fished more, it was cold, caught 4 stripes, 34 lbs, 21 lbs, 15 lbs, 12 lbs.  It was raining/drizzling all day and got real windy around noon.  Temps dropped all day and went from about 65 in the morning down to 55 by afternoon.  It was a nasty day, but still managed to have a good time and good catches.