September 2003



Finished the month with a good one.  16 stripes, 1 hybrid.  Big stripes were upper teens on down to a 2 lber.  Hybrid was 8-10 lb class.  Alewives were the bait of choice, freelined and weighted.  Water was 69-70 and clarity's about 2 feet.  Air was cool, probably mid 50's when we left at 11.  Nice fishin.



Great day weather-wise except for the gale force winds.  Still had a great day of fishing with 8 stripes caught.  Weights were 14, 16, 16, 17, 21, 21, 24, and 25.  Broke two off and had some HELLISH blow-ups.  The 24 and 25 lb fish were 41.5 and 43 inches long and skinny.  Great day of seeing stripes.  Water was 65-66, clarity 5 feet.  



We braved the rains today and did pretty good.  Four fish, 14, 20, 20 and 27 lbs.  It was raining when we got there and sprinkled a little during, but was pretty nice while we fished.  Temps were cool, mid-upper 60's and a light breeze kept it cooler.  Water was 65, clarity 5 feet.



Did a little fishy fishy below Melto with Darren after work.  Got alewives fairly easily and caught 4 fish.  Missed several good hits.  Big fish was 22 lbs, others were in the single-digits.  We took two small fish home for dinner and couldn't eat it all.  Water was 71, clarity about 3 feet, bait is everywhere.



Took a loss on Melton this evening, good gizzards for bait and we had several hits, but never had a good hookup.



Fished up on Rio for one hit, nothing doing.  Caught a load of mooneyes and headed to new-mooneye territory.  We caught one 20 lb fish and had one break off and 2 other nice hits on the mooneye.  Water was 65, clarity about 6 feet.  Weather was a little warmer, but still a nice day--no wind.



Back to 28 fish striper day land zone place thingy today.  It was a one-shot deal, we hooked 4 fish and handled 3 of them.  Biggest was right at 20 lbs.  Water was 70 degrees, clarity about 6 feet.  It was decent fishing, but nothing like the melee from last Sun.  Weather was perfect as it has been for 2 weeks.



Took a trip below Melton after work.  It was on.  The river is loaded with alewives and you can catch them if you persist with a big net.  The striper were in there tonight.  Caught 16 on alewives up to 17 lbs.  Water was 69-70 and we caught them with the water off.  Good catching.  Oh, forgot to mention I had a hybrid about 5 lbs as well.




Friends, it was a day of catching.  If I've ever dreamt of a striper catching day, it was this day.  The scary thing is that we could have caught more.....Here's a photo that pretty much tells the tale:

I've had some pretty good, no make that some excellent days of striper catching, but nothing I've ever seen or done  held a candle to today.

We started with some standard board-pulling with only two boards on the bank side.  We made it probably 30 feet when we had our first double.  10 and 17 lbs

After pictures and weigh-in, we put the boards back out and made it about 50 feet when we had our second double.  21 and 29 lbs..

After pictures and weigh in.........


........and then we caught 18 more.

Here is the nitty-gritty:  28 stripes.  8, 10, 10, 14, 14, 14, 14, 15, 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 19, 19, 19, 20, 20, 21, 22, 22, 22, 23, 24, 29.  Total weight: 497 lbs.  Correct me if I'm wrong on the ttl wgt.  Weather was nasty, nice, then nasty.  Temps got up in the 80's and got warm, but it rained on the way there and it POURED the whole way back to the ramp, but it was dry during the winning time.   Most of the fish were caught lobbing, but planing was effective also.  We had at least 3 triples and maintained a constant double for long time where at least two of us were hooked up at any given time.  Don't know if that will ever be beaten, but it sure is something to behold.  I had never before seen a swarm of 20 lb stripers attack a planer....I was afraid for my poor planer board.  Fortunately, they couldn't swallow it and eventually left it alone long enough to eat the shad behind it.  It was a day that is hard for words describe and I couldn't think of a better way to  win than with my buddies Jason and Andy.  Ryan is a puss. 



Had a fairly good day with 5 fish: 3, 4, 10, 19, and 21 lbs.  Nice weather, sunny mid 80's, a little breeze from the SW.  Water was 64, clarity 6 feet.  Missed a couple of good hits as well.



Remember the lives lost.  Don't forget the patriotism.  America can survive.

Did a little losing tonight for a change.  Had one trout get snacked on, but didn't get a hook in her.  That was it for the action.  Water was 64.7, clear, nice.  Weather has turned into fall, temps in the low-mid 70's.  All 5 trout survived the ordeal, only with pierced noses.



Decided to get some trout for tomorrow.  Caught 6 trout including a pretty good 17.5" rainbow.  Fat male trout, very dark colors.  I looked at him real hard, but wound up turning that fish loose to be caught again.  Probably weighed 2.5 lbs.  The other 5 were willing to die.



Leftover trout got put to work again.  Only used two and turned the rest loose.  Caught a 30 and a 20 lber almost back to back.   The 30 was a hard fighting fish and caused me to have to turn the boat (with planers out) twice.  He wrapped my line up twice around structure and the Berkeley Big game did not disappoint.  Nice evening of winning.  Water was 63.6 and clear.  Fish were shallow.

12" Planer there



Got a few more trout in the am and headed to the striper hole.  It rained all day and the wind blew, pretty raw day compared to yesterday.  We managed 3 stripes, 5, 12, and 22.5 lbs.  Will be fighting off pneumonia later in the week.  Water was 63.5, clear and nice.  

It was raining and cold and that guy right there was tough as spanus.


A little striper fishing, a little trout fishing.  Caught 3 stripes, 13, 16, and 20 lbs.  Released 3 stripes.  Water temp was 75-78.  We quit fishing because the temp got too hot.  Trout acquisition proved successful.  Got 7 in the tank ready for tomorrow's trip and headed home.  Water was 60 and clear.  Weather was a little warm, mid-upper 80's, no wind and sunny.



Opened September with trout acquisition.  We got 9 good trout including a couple of fatty 'bows.  They will be put to use soon.  Water temp: 59-60, clarity clear.  Nice weather.