August 2003



Ended August on a pretty good note, 4 stripes of the weights 3, 13, 16.5, and 24.  Water was 63-66, clarity was nice.  Frisky gizzards proved deadly when lobbed into the hot LZ.  Had one good fish swim into some structure and break off.  In and out of blue sky and rain showers, mostly hot and sunny, no wind until about 3:00 when it really started gusting about 20-25....I though it was January for a while.  Wind died back after a couple hours and then it started raining steady, so we headed in about 6:30.  Nice day of catching. 



Not a shabby day.  90+ degrees, sunny and somewhat breezy.  Good gizzards produced 7 stripes.  Weights were: 3, 13, 16, 19, 19, 24, and 30.  A 124 lb day.  All fish lip hooked and released wild.  Water was 64, clarity good.  Planers were the ticket.  We had 3 double-ups today and I caught the biggest 2 fish...oops.  It was good for the old guide to catch a couple.  Nice day of seeing striped bass, turned in at about 8.




3 hits, 1 fish.  About 34 lbs worth of fish though.  It pegged the silly 25 lb spring scale we had way past 25.  Nice foggy evening, only fished about an hour.  Half-ass gizzards seemed to be good enough.  Water was 63-64, clarity was good.  Biggest striper I've ever caught on spinning gear!  No photo.



Took Jason out for our daily fix.  Got bait at ? and took it down to ?.  Fished it on a ? and had some pretty good hits.  Caught one little guy about 7-8 lbs and that was the only fish handled.  Other hits were provided by some larger fish, but they weren't committed to the baits.  Water temp was 63, clarity about 5 feet, weather was warm and no wind made for a warm day.  Water was rocking hard, which surprised me that we didn't do any better.



Started out foggy this am, cleared up and was sunny and fairly warm but not as bad as the past couple of days.  Water was 62, fish were 16 and 30.5 lbs.  The 30 was 44" long.  Big fish, hard fighter.  We headed out early, about 3:00 after the big fish so we could leave on a good note.  Nice day of winning.


Two locations, 4 stripes.  13 and 26 lbs in zone 1, temp was 74-75, used lunars for bait.  They were HARD to come by too.  Zone 2 had a bit heavier fish at 15 and 27.5 lbs @ 42", water temp 62-64.  Shoddy gizzards (forgot to put salt in the tank....bad mistake) were the key for success.  Would have caught more fish with better bait, but it was still good.  Another HOTTTT day today, 90's and sunny very little wind.  Good fish.



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Nice day of blow-ups but only one fish released, 21 lbs.  Gizzards for bait, water was 62, air was HOT, I think 93 today, no wind.  A couple of fish that rolled on my baits made a wake that rocked the boat (not really) but they were big fish.  Using gizzards up to 12" long.  



Ventured out into the vast unknown wilderness otherwise known as the LOST CUMBERLOS.  It appeared that it was going to be a total loss, but then two little 5-6 lb stripes turned the frown upside down.  Wasn't really worth the 300 mile round trip, but good experience.  ......And here's Dick:



Better bait, better results.  7 hits, 6 fish landed and released.  Smallest was 12 lbs biggest was 18.5 lbs.  Not a bad deal considering all the fish were caught in a 2 hour span.  Huge blow up action today even if the fish weren't huge.  Water temp 62 clarity 5 feet.  Sunny and warm highs in the upper 80's and fairly breezy.  Nice stripin day.



A little evening fishing proved to be exciting.  Landed one 15 lb fish and had another rip a bait off the hook.  Had two other monster blow-ups with no satisfaction.  Good show, not much go though.  Nice evening, air was cool, water was 60, clarity about 5 feet.  Horrible gizzards caught the fish.



Did a little experiment in a not-often fished location.  Used trout for bait, saw one fish checking out the bait, but didn't get the commitment we were hoping for.  The weather wasn't too bad, we managed to stay dry in between afternoon showers.  Another good day on the water, but no stripes to show.



The trout didn't last long this morning.  About 2 hours did them in, plus the use of several mooneye.  We wound up boating 8 stripes in the teen to 20 lb range with the biggest being 20 lbs.  It was a fun day of catching.  One trout that I had, a 15" brown that was over 1 lb got whacked and the hook broke off on what was probably a nice fish.  Good day of catchings.  It was hot and sunny most of the day.  Water was 72 degrees and about 5' clarity.




Trout acquisition for tomorrow's excursion.  7 trout came easy.  I hooked up on one that was 5 lbs and got him to the boat but the hook pulled out right at the boat.   One of the trout I was reeling in was followed by some large striped fish...I'm not sure what it was.  There was some surface action of trout escaping some other large fish, not sure what that was either.