August 2004


NEW SS RECORD (Most 20+ in one year)

Took my LONG time buddy and great friend for his first trophy striper trip and did a little winning.  3 stripes at 20, 18, and 5 lbs.   The biggest fish was caught on a moonslut, the other two on gizzards.  Water temp started at 71.7 and ended at 73.2.  Fished also on the lower stretch of the Clinch in Watts Bar for nothing at all.  No fun.



Fishing up on Melton Hill can be great and tough all at the same time.  We had a near double-up early on and then didn't get another bite.  Fish were 15 and 12 and meaner than hell.  Water temp is in the mid-upper 50's up the lake and 70's lower on down.  



Continued the winning for the yellow striper.  We only caught 6 today in 13 hours of actual on-the-water time.  Weights were 24, 21, 20, and 3 smaller fish.  The two bigger fish were caught putting live gizzards on the bottom.  Hmmmm.  Water temp: 71, clarity: about 5-6 feet,  Assholes: running absolutely rampant.  Done seen stripes and we be wore out.



Um, did some serious winning and it almost got real ugly.  We caught 11 fish total, 7 at or over 20 lbs.  BUT 6 of those came in a 15-20 minute time span, it was outrageous.  It was a hell of a day gettin after those yellow striper.  Water temp was as cool as 68.8 and as high as 73.  Weights were 23, 22, 21, 21, 20, 20, 20, 19, 17, 10, 1.  Not too many photos..didn't have time.  Awesome day.  We towed a man in a 20' bass boat 11 MILES back to the boat ramp.  We got there at 10 after 10 and it was cold, too.  Unseasonably cold August nights here lately.




Caught 2 nice stripety stripes at 19 and 17.  Took the 19 home and made a little grilled striper out of him and it was pretty darn good.  Water was cool, even in the afternoon thanks to the massive cold front passing through yesterday.  A nice 10 mph breeze kept it extremely beautiful.  Fish were caught on planers and fought tough.  Water was 71 degrees and 5 feet clear.  No digi photos, but scanned-in paper ones may show up one day.



Okay, big cold front, a little nasty rain, but not too bad.  The biggest problem we ran into was the lack of mooneye action.  Kind of bad when you're relying on them for bait.  We did manage to make a good day of it, however.  I guess this is the whole reason to hire a guide??  4 stripes, 33, 29, 19, and 15 lbs.  The two big fish were landed on a dramatic double when I had camcorder in hand during the sumo wrestler take.  Nice day big feesh.  Broke two off on bimini twists.  Managed to do pretty well without fluorocarbon, too. Hmmm.




Some good activity and a couple of decent fish.  Water temp is starting in the 71 range and ending up in the mid 70's.  Clarity since we haven't had any rain in 16 years is excellent.  Fishing with the little tykes is so important.  Even more important is to start them out catching fish that can literally pull them over the side of the boat.  We did catch 3 fish: 20, 17, and 5 lbs.  A very good day's work and a very tired out little man.  Oh yes, had a token 2 lb smallie to boot.



More for the boils, 8 fish from 9-15 lbs.  Good wholesome clean fun.  Small gizzards and threads were on the menu and were easily attainable in some private downstream locations.  After a few of hours, the bite ended and we headed downriver for some planing action, but didn't get much activity.  It was hot again, but we had a fair breeze.  Temps in the 90's and sunny.  Saw stripes again....



We started pulling planers with mooneye and caught a little 11 lber.  Decided to pull it over to the boils where we capitalized on 10 more striped fish from 6-16 lbs.  The water was WIDE OPEN and fish were breaking.  Caught a few on lures even.  Weather was better than it had been, one small rain shower cooled things off nicely for the evening.  Water temp was 68-70, clarity about 2 feet. 




Another day and a couple of striped fish.  Had an 11 and a 17 at two different locations.  Also tossed in a 5+ lb smallie for good measure.  Water temps were up to 75 at location 1 and ranged from 58.3 to 70 at loc 2.  Gizzards were the bait of choice.  Weather was sunny and blisteringly hot with little to no wind again.  August in east TN is rough.