Typical Striper Bait


In this section, I will reveal the baitfish we use in East Tennessee and surrounding areas. I will also include background information, availability, how to acquire them, and storage requirements. Just follow the links below.



Minimal equipment necessary for catching the proper bait is:

Large radius cast net.

Aerated, filtered round bait tank. (min 15 gal)

Other Helpful Hints:

Larger is not necessarily better all the time, but when bait is scattered or scarce, a 6 foot radius cast net is the bare minimum. On bait species that do not school tightly like herring, up to a 10 foot net is necessary. On bait which can ball up very tightly like threadfin shad, you may get away with using only a 3 or 4 foot net.

MESH size and amount of lead per radius-ft. will determine the sink rate.  Add weight and/or increase mesh size to speed up the sink rate.  3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" are the most common mesh sizes.  1 lb to 1.5 lbs of lead per radius-ft is typical of most nets.

DON'T mistake nets or ads which advertise by diameter, radius is the true measure of a net.  Also check your local cast net regulations, some areas restrict net sizes.

The tank makes or breaks the fishing trip. 

In most cases, striper are looking for the most frantic, excited bait they can find. A poor tank will certainly deny you the quality bait necessary for catching striper.

Anything less than 15 gallons won't support a decent quantity of frisky shad for a full day's outing.

Keep Your Bait in a BUBBA BAIT TANK

Use salt to prevent slime loss AND pH imbalance. 1-2 cups per 20 gallons.

DO NOT overcrowd your bait.

Cold water keeps bait alive longer than hot water....

IMPORTANT!! Don't change the water temperature by more than 15 degrees ....it WILL shock your bait.

Keep your filter cleaned out.

Minimize handling of bait and the time bait is out of the water.

Gently dip your bait from the tank and avoid violent swishing with your bait net.

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