May 2001 with 45 lb Striper

April 2004 with 41 lb Striper

December 12, 2007 with 43 lb Striper August 9, 2008 with 28 lb Striper.

Large Striped Bass can be caught and released year-round in East Tennessee.


Guide Shawn McNew has 30 years of fishing experience.  He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Wildlife and Fisheries Science.  During his tenure, he competed in the NCAA Division I level in swimming and received All-America honors four years in a row.  In 1996, Tennessee brought the SEC championship home to Knoxville and in 1998, they finished the year ranked 4th in the NCAA. 

He carries with him the experience and skills to make nearly every fishing outing successful.   Shawn is light-hearted but straightforward about fishing.  His dedication to the preservation of this resource is reflected in his fishing techniques.  With a wealth of fishing information, Shawn is as much a teacher as he is an ambassador of the waterways.  Few other services catch AND release as many fish as Seein Stripes. 

Enjoy a trouble and worry free outing as you let Seein Stripes guide Shawn McNew provide everything you need for a once in a lifetime experience.

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