Blueback Herring (Alosa aestivalis)


The blueback herring is like the alewife in that its origin is the ocean. It has been stocked into many southern reservoirs as an alternate food source for deep-water game fish. It's habits are much like the Alewife. It spends the hot summer months in deeper water around the thermocline. Common size range is 3-7 inches with large adults over 12" not uncommon.


Blueback herring are abundant in many reservoirs throughout the southeast. They will quickly populate a reservoir in a few years and provide a great food source.


During the day, look for any current. Below dams is a productive area. They can be caught much in the same manner as alewives by bringing them to your boat at night with a bright light. The typical wait for bait under a light (provided the moon isn't too bright) is about an hour. The bait will stay deep in the summer, so the largest radius cast nets perform the best (10-12 foot radius, open diameter 20-24 feet).  Turn your light off just before the net reaches the school to disorient them.  They have also been known to strike on small flies known as sabiki rigs. This is a string of 6 small flies with a small gold hook (size 8 or 10) that can be jigged among the herring to produce fish.


Similar to alewives with 2 baitfish per 1 gallon of water fairly standard.


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