Answers to some questions you might have about the Bubba Bait Tank before you buy.

FAQ: Why can't I just build this on my own at home?

A: You can try and probably come close, but subtle differences in design between an actual Bubba Bait Tank and most homemade tanks can mean GREAT bait versus okay bait.

FAQ: How does the aerator work?

A: The water pumped into the filter box trickles back down into the tank, agitating the surface, introducing thousands of tiny bubbles which release oxygen into the water.

FAQ: Does the filter take up space like in other tanks?

A: No, with the Bubba Bait Tank you have the entire capacity of the tank for the bait to swim around.

FAQ: Is the pump's tube going to impede the swimming of the bait?

A: No.  The tube is suspended away from the wall of the tank, leaving a gap for bait to swim through.

FAQ: How much bait can I hold?

A: Depending on types of bait and water temperature, you will have the capacity to hold plenty of shad or herring for a full day's fishing.  Water capacity is very essential to the quantity of shad or herring you can hold and the Bubba Bait Tank's 35 gallons is quite ample.

FAQ: Is the tank Insulated?

A: No.

FAQ: Why not?

A: Insulating is not always necessary.  With a 35 gallon capacity and white color, the Bubba Bait Tank transfers a minimal amount of heat.  By leaving the tank non-insulated it keeps prices down and allows you as an angler to modify the tank yourself if you choose to do so.

FAQ: Is the filter box going to last?

A: Yes, it is made of a very durable, surprisingly thick plastic made by Rubbermaid.  If it fails, you can easily purchase one at most Wal Marts, Ace Hardwares, or other supermarkets.

FAQ: What type of filter should I use?


FAQ: Where do I get it?

A: Wal Mart carries it.  You can usually get all the scraps you need for almost free at most furniture reupholstering shops.

FAQ: Can't I just use that cheap poly-fil stuff?

A: You sure can if you like clogging your pump impeller and reducing the effectiveness of your Bubba Bait Tank.

FAQ: Will the filter box ever overflow or explode?

A: It hasn't happened yet, but if it should, the water will most likely drain back into the tank since there is a raised lip around the top of the tank.  It's not going to explode, either.

FAQ: How is the Bubba Bait Tank so quiet?

A: Unlike other brands of bait tanks which have the pump resonating off of the bottom of the tank, the pump is positioned slightly suspended from the bottom, greatly suppressing vibration noise.  As opposed to the noisy air intakes on other pumps, the Bubba Bait Tank utilizes a non-pressurized gravity feed steady stream which creates virtually no noise.

FAQ: What type of pump does it use?

A: Attwood 500 gph Tsunami aerator pump with cartridge motor.  This is a complete aerator kit with fittings and flow restrictor to ensure long life and ease of use.

FAQ: How much is Shipping?

A: Shipping to the Southeast is through UPS and is $40.  Elsewhere in the country, shipping is $50.  Insurance is included.  If you want to pick it up on Lake Sinclair, you can save on shipping.

FAQ: What's the square root of 9,800?

A: I don't know.


For all other questions or concerns, please email me for all the answers!