Get out your cast nets!



Guide Shawn McNew shows you how he throws the cast net.



Beautiful Bait:Lovely Gizzard Shad Big sucker minnow!That's a BIG sucker minnow!

Throwing a cast net isn't difficult. It takes some practice to get used to as it is awkward. Once you figure out where to throw it, you'll never BUY bait again. Begin with a small 5 or 6 foot net and work your way up. I have thrown 10' nets with this method.

You will find smaller nets to be very forgiving and friendly. Larger nets from 8-10 feet will get heavy in a hurry, so minimize the number of times you have to throw them (you'll figure that out on your own, I'm sure).

Mesh sizes vary from 1/4" square to over 1" square. The most popular sizes are by far 3/8" and 1/2" as they are versatile in sink rate/bait size. A 5/8" mesh is great for gizzards over 4 inches, but is a NIGHTMARE on threadfin shad and other small baits (they poke their heads through and get their gills stuck). Larger meshes open better and sink faster, smaller meshes won't 'gill' your bait.

I enjoy throwing the net and getting bait and all kinds of other fish. I hope you can too with this tutorial.

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