December 2002



Fished pretty hard on Melton Hill and didn't even get a sniff.  Water was 48 clarity was 3 feet.  Gizzards weren't any trouble.  Pulled planers in all the usual spots and couldn't buy a strike.  Was able to get a 2 lb jack right before dark and didn't have it in the water for 5 minutes before it got raped.  Didn't get a hook in the fish, but it wasn't a small one.  Nice day, partly cloudy temps in the mid 50's, light wind.



Found bait fairly well at Kingston finally, but there wasn't much of it.  It was balled up tight and I got it in one well-placed throw of the net.  River is 47 degrees, outflow 52.  Not many fish and not much hitting.  Caught 2 little guys. Left at 6:30.  Overcast skies, temps in the 50's, 10 mph SW wind.  It's beginning to be a tough winter for stripes.  Hopefully this means the bite will be better later in the season.



Fished Melton Hill ALL DAY for NOTHING.  It was not a good fish catching day.  Weather was nice though.  Temps around 60, sunny, medium winds.  Water was 48 degrees and 4' clarity.  Oh well.


Christmas Break:

Went to Georgia and cleaned up a little on some baby hybrids and white bass.  Me and dad fished Lake Sinclair and caught about 30 total in 2 days throwing rooster tail and mepps spinners.  Fun action on 4 lb spinning and they hit like a ton of bricks.



Started out on Melton Hill with bait.  Nothing doing anything.  Or is it everything doing nothing?  Either way, I got some small bait and went cross-country.  Fished out 10 small stripes and a brown CARP.  It was actually a big Smallie that was 21.5 inches long and F-A-T fat.  Loc1 was 52 degrees and 2' clarity.  Loc2 Water was 61 degrees and 3' clarity.  Wind was AWFUL, if you drove a "high-profile vehicle," today, you know what I mean.  It was SW from 10-25, gusting over 30, 3' swells in the main lake and didn't die down much after dark.  POOP!  Saw stripes today brothers and sisters.



Went out, got bait, rain started, went home.  The only wet that my lines got was rain.  Water temp was 48, clarity 2-3 feet.  Supposed to rain into tomorrow.  If it muddies things up, count fishing out for the next few days.



wow, got the Lowrance back!  They sent me a new unit.



Tried a little nighttime live baiting.  We had success, on channel cats.  Two whiskered carp about 7-8 lbs each.  Nothing to make us believe there were any stripes present.  We just put in about 3 hours and headed in.



Managed a few smaller fish on some light tackle and casting a Storm wildeye swimbait.  11 total stripes from 2-5 lbs.  Most of the action came right at dusk.  Water clarity was about 3 feet, not sure about temp, no lowrance.



Nothing at all happening on Melton Hill.  Fished it long and hard with no hook-ups.  Plenty of boiling on the baits and one bait got jerked off the hook, but no commitments.  Did catch a GREEN CARP casting a lure.  Very unexciting.  I was a bit disappointed with the thick overcast that nothing was hitting any better.  Such is fishing, no stripes witnessed today.  Lowrance in the shop, clarity 2 feet.



Nighttime fishing proved to be unsuccessful with a jack and some gizzards.  Tried it until about 9 pm with not so much as a hit.  Got cold, went home.  Temp: ??  Lowrance went back to Lowrance today.  Clarity, muddy river, clear in outflow.



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Finished the tournament.  Caught one small fish on a lure 30 minutes before weigh-in and released it, no chance at the money.  Big tournament fish weighed in Sat was 28 lbs.  The winning 2 fish stringer was 44 lbs and took home $1,500.  I think I finished about 10th out of 55 contestants, but it just wasn't meant to be this year.  We had a blast and got worn out in the process.  After the noon weigh-in, the action was just revving up.  Went out again, this time to Kingston.  We boated 13 small stripes and it was just fun on light tackle.  Bait was tough.  Water temp was 56, clarity was 2 feet.  LONG WEEKEND, good fishing.  Total of about 36 hours of striper fishing marathon in the past 3 days.  

Tournament Photos:



Fished from 7 AM until 10 PM.  That is, 15 hours on the task.  It was Hickory Star tournament time and me and buddy Jason gave it mortal hell.  We didn't catch our fish until after dark, beaching the boat and pitching live gizzards out on the bottom.  Quite a change from pulling boards.  Our fish weighed in at 16.4 and 12.4 lbs.  Put us in contention for Sunday's  5-hour shootout.  Water temp: 47-52, clarity, 3+ feet.  Nice weather, mid 40's for highs, low 20's in the AM.  Clear skies and light winds.



Made a discovery on Melton Hill.  When they aren't hitting live bait, just catch them on artificial instead.  It was muddy from the rain all week and they were a little reluctant.  Not even a sniff on live bait, so I broke out the trusty caster.  It was only the first cast when I hooked into a feisty 17 lber.  The next fish was about 12 lbs and came out of deep water.  It had a very pale color.  The third and last fish looked to be a 3/4 striper hybrid.  It was about 15 lbs and fought like hell.  All 3 fish caught on the same lure in the same spot.  Very nice day, about 50 degrees, light wind, sunny.  Water was 52 degrees and clarity was at best one foot.  Good day.

3/4 Striper?



Went out in the sleet and rain.  Turned out real good.  We got in the middle of some breaking fish.  Some of them were nice, 20+, but we only caught the smaller 5-10 lbers.  Boated 7 stripes.  It was cool and the wind was on and off.  Birds started flying about 5 minutes before the action began....they can sense it.  Water was 50 degrees and clear.  Used gizzards and bucktails for the win.



Don't ever believe the weather channel.  They said the winds would be 5-10 mph, it turned out to be 10-20 with some whitecaps and high temp right about the freezing point of water.  Not nice.  At least the sun was out, no clouds anywhere, nor any fish.  Pulled planers and some downlines with 7-10" gizzards, not a sniff.  Water was 50-52 degrees 3' clarity.  No feesh.