December 2003


12/the rest of the month/03

Did some fishing and very little winning.  Water’s getting colder and fishing has slowed down.  Three more stripes on the year.  Two at Kingston, one on Melton Hill, none worth bragging about.  The most important thing was that I did get my hands on a striper tube.  Put one about 12 lbs in the tube and kept her alive for over 18 hours before releasing back into the river.  The fish swam off a little disoriented, but plenty lively.  Water temp in the tube was around 50.  It makes a hell of a trolling motor controller stand too…like a striper podium. 

Did the usual hybridizing in GA over Christmas break and managed several tiny hybrids in the lb class on spinners and a few nice crappie.  All fish on that trip were spared the blade.  Total trips here, about 6.


Pulled gizzards, caught stripes.  Water temp was 48 where we got bait, 53-55 where we caught fish, clarity was about 2 feet.  Three stripes and a hybrid: stripes were 16, 17, and 23 lbs and the hybrid was 10.5 lbs.  Lots of action, two missed fish and some good footage for the upcoming Seein Stripes video.  Weather was chilly in the AM in the 20’s and peaked in the low 50’s, minimal wind and blue skies.  Good December fishing day.


12/4 12/5/03

Nasty, cold and rainy for two days solid.  Made planers.



Started at Kingston.  Bait is tough, but you can get it.   No real action in the flow, two small stripes both under 4 lbs.  Wind got up too much to fish the main river.  Outflow: 60, main river, 53.  Headed to Norris.  No birds, very little bait, pulled some boards with not even a nervous bait.  Water temp ranged from 52-55.  Clear water, cool day, highs in the lower 40’s.  Did lots of looking, not much seeing.



Quick fishing session on Melton Hill before my Flowmaster appointment.  Bait was a little tough, but got enough to fish.  Caught a 21 lber within 3 minutes of putting the boards out.   Good bit of action and several boils and then finally caught an 11 lber.  Could have stayed and caught fish. Winds were getting nasty from the N up to about 15 mph and cold, blue skies.  Water was 56 clarity around 3 feet.