February 2003


Teamed with Darren at Kingston.  Bait had moved a little on me, just proves the theory that it's a clean slate each and every time you go.  Took about 20 throws to get it, but we got it.  We got 21 stripes, all 5 lbs and under.  Water was about 1 foot clarity and 61 degrees.  It snowed pretty hard until about 5:00, then just spat snow.  Low 30's and light N winds 5-10.  Good catchings.



Another round of rain, tough conditions for me and Ryan.  Location #1, flooded, muddy, loaded with debris, cold, snowing, and windier than hell.  We aborted the mission in hopes of catching a fish.  Headed to Kingston.  The weather at Kingston: sunny, calm, 45 degrees.  It was a totally different planet from where we started that morning.  Water was muddy, 6" clarity, but we caught 6 stripes up to 5 lbs.  300 miles, 6 fish, good day.



Had to get another one in before the second deluge in a week.  Just checked the radar and it's UGLY!  Darren and I teamed up for 14 stripes and about 14 missed fish too.  Big fish was 7-8 lbs, but the rest were in the 2-5 range.  They definitely hit better than yesterday.  Still muddy.  Bait was easy.  Water was 48 in the river and 56 in the flow.   Bigger shad were definitely working better than the small ones.  Weather was a bit soggy, but dried up and was nIIIIIIce until we left.  Air was about 50, heavy, low overcast.  No wind.



Tough bite at Kingston.  The fish were scattered.  We managed 6 fish.  Biggest was about 8 lbs.  Bait was easy.  Clarity will be the story, it is about 1" in the channel and 6" in the outflow.  Lots of big flotsam in the river, watch out.  Temp was good at 57.  The bank fishermen were chucking bucktails and catching their limit of 2-5 lbers.  Weather was exceptional, light wind, mid-50's, mostly overcast with a slight break right before dusk.  Starting to get spring fever....



rain, Rain, RAIN, and FREAKIN RAIN.  Everything is flooded, Norris is "Sluicing," everywhere is runninb balls to the wall and the rivers are so muddy you can walk across them.  Gotta let it settle.



Little change of scenery today.  Got a nice 6 AM start, it was 20 degrees and a light breeze made for some hand-chilling cast-netting in the dark.  We got plenty of bait (until my hands started hurting) and headed out.  It was mine and Ryan's second time to fish this area.  I'd say we figured it out pretty good.  We caught a couple of green fish, a brown fish, and 9 hybrids.  Had one larger striped fish pull drag for about 30 seconds and steal my hook.  Lots of other hits and misses.  The hybrids ranged from 2-8 lbs and never fail to impress with their drag-ripping runs.  We pulled out at noon-thirty and headed to Melton Hill for a big fish.  Not much doing on the stripes, we had one hit and another boil, but no takers.  The wind was blowing 10-20 all day, but laid down at dusk and got niiiiice.  Temp probably crested at 50, mostly sunny.  Water temps were 41-56 in loc. #1, and 48-62 in loc. #2.  LONG day, but fun.



Fished Watts Bar for striped bass.  We released 7 fish and had a good time.  Bait was a bit tougher than normal, but I wasn't scared.  Water temps varied from 41 to 53 and clarity was down to 1.5 feet.  Weather started out cool, mostly cloudy, high topped at about 40 and the wind was E 10-15 until about 3:00, then it got still.  Good day.



Whatever was working last time wasn't happening this time.  Same bait, same spots, same temps, fish were there, just didn't catch many.  Boated 4 fish.  Three stripes and a hybrid.  The hybrid was 11 lbs and mean.  Stripes were all 4-5 lbs.  Cold, windy as CRAP, and slooow.  For most of the day, I was the only boat there.  One truck/boat pulled up to the ramp, sat there about 30 minutes and left, ha ha.  Probably from NC.  HA HA, just KIDDINGG!!!!  Read the discussion board to get it.  Just having fun.  It was real nasty out.  Water was 53 in the flow, 42 in channel.  Bait was a bit harder to find.  Should have been a bit better.  Oh yeah, I caught a rock, not a rockfish.




A couple of hours of fishing yielded 14 stripes from 2-17 lbs.  Good catching, but the action seems to shut off before dark.  Weather was WINDY 20+ shoofing from WSW to NW, low 40's, partly cloudy.  Water was 54-55 degrees.  We fished until 11pm with no hits after dark.  Nice stripes, fun fishing on 10 lb spinning tackle.



Trout proved themselves yet again as premier bait.  A cold 6 AM start on Norris yielded 40 frozen toes.  No action at all.  Finished the day up on Melton Hill and caught 2 stripes, 12, and 16 lbs.  Weather was fairly good with some annoying winds for a while.  Temp actually did get up about 60 and got hot on us.  Mostly sunny.  Water was just right.  We got our fish early, about 2:00, after that we got only boils and misses.  Good day out.  Tired.



Started the month off right.  We did everything right and caught 16 stripes and a hybrid.  Notable stripes were 19 lbs and 13 lbs, and the hybrid was 8 lbs.  Good sport on 10 lb spinning gear!  Outflow was 49-50, Clinch was 42, Emory was 37, brr.  The fish were there despite the chill.  Weather was dynamic, started off with a light rain into overcast into a few breaks, wind got up for a little while, white capping some.  Air was running in the 40's.  Quite a few boats in the area, but we didn't see much competition today.  Nice day of catching.