February 2004



A little bank fishing was in order.  We capitalized on some hearty stripes.  Caught 4 one day and 1 on another day.  The day we caught 4, we had a double on a 29 and a 26, and then an 18 and a 15 lber.  Not too shabby.  Weather was kinda cold.



Alas, a loss.  A darkness in the force.  There was a hole which could not be filled today.  The skipjack, tickets in hand, with bags packed, try as they may, couldn't find their homes.  We urged, "It's time to go home now.  Go home, little skipjack..."  They did not.  We exclaimed, "Go to your home, are you too good for your home?"  Then we threw our rods in the lake and left.

Zero.  Nothing.  Nada.....but there was one fish caught:  behold a 60 lb Blue



BIG TIME WINNING.  Winning money.  Benjamin Franklin.  This makes 3 Kinston tourneys in a row for the Seein Stripes duo.  The 2-fish winning weight was 37 lbs 5 oz, second place was 30 lbs, third (and the last place to take home money) was 28 lbs.  Darren's fish was 20 lbs, but we couldn't get him a second fish to bring home any cake.  He did manage to miss about 5 solid hookups.  

The weather is a whole different paragraph.  It was sprinkling when we got to the ramp, then it stopped for about an hour, then it rained hard for 4+ hours, then it turned to golf-ball sized snowflakes that bruised your face on impact.  I managed to get soaking wet from my waist down to my toes in the 35 degree weather.  Wind blew like Hades out of the N at 15-20 mph and was without relent.  It took true VIKING-like spirit to endure these harsh conditions from all 16 stoic participants in this years fight for victory.

  We managed to freeze our malebags off just prior to disembarking.  Minor frostbite set in, but to the victors went the spoils, and the tale of yet another Kingston striper tourney will be forever etched and burned and chiseled into the history books and we shall emerge victorious yet again in 2005.  Circle Hooks Rule, baby.




Thought it was going to be a good day.  Jacks weren't a problem, but landing fish proved to be difficult.  We did manage to feel one 8 lber and return it to the water.  Broke one fish off and lost another after a brief struggle.  Off the water at 2pm.  Clarity, temp and all that was perfect, overcast with no wind at all.



Showed up with jacks at our special spot again and did a little winning.  Three of us landed a 25, a 20, an 18, and a 10.  Not too shabby for before noon.  Dick balloons were the key to our success today.  Air was in the 30's and calm, water temp is nice.