January 2001



Put in at Bull Run creek, bait was NOWHERE! Couldn't find it. At all. None. Zip. But alas, the stoic fishing guide came through. We passed over the most rediculous, smallest school of suspended bait I've ever seen and I threw the net. It was THREADFINS! AT BULL RUN! Weird, but we went fishing. It was in the low 50's with W winds blowing pretty hard but not as bad as yesterday. Sky was partly cloudy, but the air was very clear. Water temp was 45 at the ramp and up to 62 near the outflow. First fish was a redear. Second fish was a 3 lb striper. Third fish was a 10.5 lb striper. Fourth fish was a 3" yellow bass. Fifth fish was a white bass. Sixth and final fish was an 8.1 lb striper. End result: I smell like fish and have a big smile. It looks like the fish are settling back down and some better fish are hitting again.



Tonight went out with a BANG! Mr. Collett () was nice enough to take this stranger (me) fishing down at Bull Run today. He's just glad he didn't have to pay guide fees! ha ha Bait was easy now that I know where and how. The wind today was horrendousout of the WSW. Lots of rain last night and it blew through in a hurry. Water was slightly stained from it's normal 4 foot clarity and ranged from 43 degrees at the ramp to 64 near the outflow. Started off partly cloudy and ended up just about clear. When we left for home it was still white-capping. Temps were in the upper 50's, but wind chills were in the 30's. His jet boat was on the verge of uncontrollable in the gusts and keeping the non-auto pilot trolling motor going straight was a task. Much to my surprise we hooked several fish and boated 3. The first was a 10 lb hybrid, the second a 6-7 lb hyb and the last was a green carp about 4 lbs . We had two more hooked up that got themselves unhooked, one bait ripped off and a couple of other boils. Good action amongst the 2 foot swells. Ah yes, that leads me to the BANG. In Bull Run creek there are some secondary channel markers which are steel posts driven into the bottom, painted red and green with arrows on top. The green ones are easy to see at night, but....the red ones..........and it was TOOOO late, BLAM! He saw it at the last minute and gunned it to the right slamming the pole into the left side of the boat. Fortunately, the pole DIDN'T break in two and wind up in my lap and his boat is literally built like a sherman tank. The only damage done was some red skid marks on the side of his boat. Cheap thrills, try it some time!



Shad don't do well in ice. After the overnight low of 21, the bait tank pump was frozen, the shad were mostly dead and we had to chisel the ice out of the tank. I think that problem was that the water was only 40 degrees to begin with. We found more bait in the same place at Bull Run as Saturday. Had to show Allen where to get it for his guide trip. We wound up with a lot of nervous baits, a few boils and one dinky 3 lb hybrid for our efforts

Not a stellar trip, but we got hybrid smell on our hands. Could have been worse. We had to turn in at 2:00, I think the bite has been late there too. We missed prime time both days.



OOOOOO KAY. Back in town. Journals are gonna roll again folks, sorry for the hold up. We fished a few times down on Sinclair in middle Georgia and caught a few hybrids. Most of them were small. I had one around 3 lbs (that was the biggest). Weather was nice and windy.

NOW, today was awful. Did anybody catch fish today? Big clipper cold front blew through in a hurry last night and the wind was steady all day at about 15 mph. Started off mostly cloudy going to crystal clear with temps in the low 40's. I'm trying to show my dad how we fish up here in the 'north.' Well, bait wasn't easy at Bull Run, but about 18 nice gizzards succombed to one throw after about a dozen total throws. We're fishing his 17' Tracker Tournament Vee with a Lowrance x25a for a fishfinder...had to get used to it and NO TEMP SENSOR. Oh the lack of rodholders was overlooked as well. I'm kinda glad we didn't catch a darn thing today. Might have lost one of my utencils to a big stripe. Kingston wasn't friendly either, not even a sniff. TWRA officer Mr. Miller was nice enough to check that we had our licenses though. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better!



Beautiful day at Bull Run (after the rain and ice storm). A bit of trouble finding bait, but we got it. First place we stopped Bill and I broke one off and got an 8-9 lber in. Went for a while without anything. I then proceeded to hook up on something nice on my 4 lb test white bass rig. It was a 4+ hybrid that we got pictures of. Before we left, we were in a good area and I dumped most of the bait out to see if anything would happen....it did. Before the bait reached the back of the boat, somebody was chasing it on the surface. Bill wound up hooking into a good fish, and IT wound up being a 12.0 lb hybrid, his personal best. Weather: windy and rainy and icy and nasty at first, steadily improving to overcast, no wind and mid 40's. Water temps 48-61, clarity 4 feet. Decent day of fishing.



First trip today: Kingston. One 10 lb stripe. Had several several bait antagonists, but only that one taker. Got a couple of baits killed, but nothing too exciting. Conditions were mid 30's overcast, slight NNW breeze. Clarity 2 feet. Just didn't feel it happening there, so I'm on intermission right now....may try to aggravate some white bass later and have them over for dinner.



Well, the predicted 5-10 mph breeze wound up as whitecaps today. Good job weather channel, NOT. Bull run gave up bait after MUCH throwing of the cast net. It took 2 hours to find bait. I had several boils but only one hookup. That fish fought exceptionally hard for a 9 lber. Wind was awful out of the west at 15-20, partly cloudy and temps in the mid 50's. Water temps were 32 (I saw some ice on the lake), to 61 just outside the plant. Clarity, 4 feet. Nice temps, but the wind and fish could have cooperated a bit better.




Bait is incredibly thick at the plant. Ezell caught a 6 lb 12 oz green carp (largemouth bass) and released it. I made pictures of him with it, ha ha. We hooked a good fish and gave it the hook and some amount of line. Went to Bull Run and had a good time catching small fish. Up to 10 lbs and tons of action. At times, we had our hands full.

Those small fish really put on a show with the bait. Weather was slightly inclimate with light rain at times, but the overcast and very light to no wind was great. Temps were low 40's. Clarity at Kingston: 3 feet, at Bull run: 4 feet. Water temps in the 50's. Great day of fishing and catching.



Maybe it's turning around. I heard good things from Kingston. We fished Bull Run today and it was a blast! That was the most fish I've seen in a couple of weeks. Wind was out of the ENE and light, temp was low 40's, heavy overcast with some fog. Water temps from 49-60 and 4 foot clarity. Perfect for fishing! We put 7 striped fish in the boat (2 were hybrids). Biggest stripe was 9 lbs, hybrid weighed 8.5. Much more action though than caught fish...good time. Should be at Kingston tomorrow. Nice day of fishing.



Conditions were perfect, water temp, no wind, air in the low 40's. Very few fish. We talked to several noteworthy fishermen who had only caught one or two at best. As for Allen and myself, I caught a 20.6 lber in the outflow on 10 lb spinning. It wasn't a drag screamer, but fought hard right at the boat for a couple of minutes. Got a picture, released it unharmed. Allen had a couple of alleged hits, but no serious fish. He did have time to talk on the phone though. Very slow day, surprisingly.


Zero, zip, nada, nothing, nathan, ziwalshski. For some reason it just sucked. Temp hit 50, light winds from the East. The outflow produced two non-impressive hits. The flats upstream did nothing. Nice weather, horrible catching. Time for dinner and bedtime.



The wind was RELENTLESS. It just barely made it above the F.P. of water today. It started out broken up overcast at 11 AM and wound up crystal clear by 4. WIND was out of the NNW 15-20 and blew from enough directions that it was impossible to go straight. I should have gotten there eariler, caught 3 fish quick in the outflow from 2-4 lbs...fun! Pulled the right side below the bridge, nothing. Pulled upstream, nothing, temp was 49-51 on the flat. Was back in the outflow right before dark and caught two medium stripers back to back. The first was 12.1, #2 was 15.4, both on the same 8 lb test rod. Frontal days are tough. Outflow was 60.5 when I left. Rough day, but saw good stripes.



Today just reinforces the theory that good weather means poor fishing. No wind, 50 degrees and overcast. Water temps were right, 54 upstream, 61.4 in the outflow when I left after dark. I hooked 3 fish and touched 1. That was a 9 lber that came off a lobbed shad at the end of the stumps. I hooked a nice fish and fought it for about 3 minutes before the hook pulled out. I am guessing somewhere around 20 lbs, good fish. Hoping for some better fishing with the upcoming full moon.



My better half, Jodi, took me fishing today. Kingston was ultra crowded. I counted 30 boats visible within the outflow at one time.

The only boat that I saw catch a fish was that little Polar Kraft tunnel hull with "Seein' Stripes.com" on the side.

We hooked 5 and landed 4. Weights were 11.0, 11.3, 12.1, and 13.2. She had a ball reeling all of them in, and got a workout too. Since we were the only boat catching fish, we drew a lot of attention, that was fun. I'm afraid that maybe I am giving too much away on the web as far as fishing spots because there was a crowd where I normally fish. We caught all of the fish freelining. Outflow temp was 56, clarity: 2-3 feet. Weather: virtually clear, moderate southeast wind, mid 40's. Fun day.



Beautiful weather and some decent fish. I bummed a ride with Bill today to Kingston.

It started out cloudy and 40 degrees at 10 AM. The skies cleared by 11:30 and a west wind set up pretty strong the rest of the day. We pulled baits but the water temps were a bit too cool upstream..running in the upper 40's. We caught some good fish in the outflow. I caught all of mine on the 8 lb test (now famous) setup. My biggest was a feisty 17 lber that ran drag and ran drag and ran drag. We caught two more over 10 lbs and had some stout misses. Outflow temp was 57. The clarity has continued to improve and is at about 3 feet now. After a lull in the outflow action, we headed for Bull Run with fresh load of threadfins (yellowtail). Bull Run is NOT ready. But if you just have to go there, be my guest. We didn't even get a sniff. Main river was 43 and the outflow was 60, clarity was better than 5 feet. Yet another educational day.



It should have been a good day. Hmmmm. Water temps upstream were right, clarity was around 3 feet. Outflow temp: 56.1. Air temps in the low 40's and light variable winds. Maybe the big blue sky had them shut off. Allen caught a 5.6 lb largemouth...(that was all he got, a green carp). I caught two fish in the outflow. A 4-5 lb stripe on my 8 lb test jewel of an outfit.....AND....YET ANOTHER PERSONAL HYBRID RECORD.....15.0 lbs!!!! Oh yes, on the 8 lb test also. The fish wasn't a real drag screamer, more like reeling in a hippo. The fight didn't last more than 5 minutes. That fish hit after dark...about 6:45. No camera, no picture, but the fish lives to fight again. A slow day; it happens, but the big fish made it all worth while. 15 lbs, ahhhh.



It was a completely different day than yesterday at Kingston. The water temp upstream was 40! I didn't even bother fishing it. We headed back downstream until we hit the temp change and pulled baits from there down to the second bridge. No hits. Anchored down in the outflow and within 5 minutes we were doubled up. I had a good fish, and it turned out to be my biggest hybrid ever at 13.2 lbs. We landed a few more 4-6 lb hybrids before I decided to pull anchor and drag some freelines. Caught a few decent fish and then the fish started boiling on the shallow point. They were popping shad and I managed to catch two in the 10-12 lb range. Steve kept setting the hook and missing fish....circle hooks Steve, don't set the hook. That action died down and all we caught after that was another 5 lb hybrid. All in all a very good day. Outflow temp when we got there: 57, when we left: 60.1. Clarity was 2 feet. Light to moderate winds and temps in mid 30's, mostly sunny.




They're there. Or as we rednecks say, "Thar Thar." I did some serious monofilament stretching this evening! Bait was right over the long point paralell to the outflow in the main river....easy to get. I caught one 3 lber in the outflow just to do it and then went and pulled boards. It was WINDY, low 30's and variable clouds. Outflow temp was 57 and river temp was 50-53. Clarity has really improved and visibility was up around 3 feet. My first fish hit hard and fought well on 25 lb test, it weighed 23.4 lbs. My second fish fought for 2-3 minutes and then said bye bye and spit the hook right out. Probably somewhere in the 20's as well. Third fish hit my 8 lb test freeline and never really took off, but weighed in at 21 lbs. My fourth fish was a 7 lb channel cat...also on the 8 lb test rod. My fifth fish was serious and boiled on the bait once and I knew it meant business....see if you can just GUESS which line it took....yeah, 8 lb test. And away we went. This is where the circle hooks really shine because you can't REALLY set the hook on a huge fish with a normal hook and 8 lb test. The circle really holds on with minimal pressure. The first run spooled me down to where I could see metal under the line. I had already turned the boat and put the trolling motor on high. Luckily the fish headed right into the channel and away from the buoy it was near. After I untangled the two lines it had caught up and reeled in the other 4 rods, I gained line. I just knew I had a 30+ on here. The fight took about 15 minutes....one of my longest battles ever. For the last 3 minutes, the fish was no further away than 15 feet, but straight down and it would NOT come up. I was waiting for the line to snap from abrasion, but it didn't. HA HA!!! I landed my biggest fish on 8 lb test....29.3 lbs and 41 inches even. My arm's sore. But it's a good sore. Can't wait to do it again. I didn't even bother fishing after that. Great Great day.