January 2004



Did some fishing today...finally.  Winning.  Caught some nice fish with my buddies, Darren and Bobby.  Skipjack were on the menu and planer boards were the motors.  Two of the fish were a couple of the most obese striper you've ever seen.  They were twins on the scale at 26 lbs.  The other two were 15 and 10 lbs.  Air was cool and the line iced up until about noon.  Wind was blowing 20+ mph all day out of the NW shifting to N by dark.  Water temp was in the mid 55's river was 43.  Not a bad day.


SERIOUS TROUT MISSION.  Jason and I teamed up for the first ever annual Seein Stripes running of the trout.  All it involved was two bait tanks, a long drive and 222 trout.  The methods of procurement will remain proprietary insider information. 

Hey folks, the first-annual-ever-in-2004 TSBA meeting is being held at the Shoney’s block N of Clinton Hwy (Hwy 25E) and Merchants Dr.  Dinner at 6, meeting at 7.  Everybody involved in striper fishing is invited, membership or not.  Come on out and mingle with some of the top striper fishermen in this region.



Got a few tiny jacks on Melton Hill.  It was windy and never got above freezing today.  Made one good pull and left.  Fishing is slow, so quit calling about guided trips right now, jeez my phone is ringing off the hook!!!!  Just kidding folks.  Hopefully as the water continues to cool, we’ll develop some kind of pattern and get on some fish.  Water temp: 47, clarity 4 feet.


Cursed by losses, this year drags on.  Unseasonable temps in the 70’s and strong S winds meant we couldn’t catch a fish in 3 different locations.  Burning up the road but not the Penn drags.  Strike up another L.



No wins for the new year, just hard fishing with nothing to show.  Temps around 60 make for a nice winter outing.  No fish.