Cumulative journal of my fishing trips for your information and enjoyment, and for my bad memory.

 Journal Entries


Well, the stripes are back in town!  Had a nice day on Juliette despite the howling wind.  It was a very eventful day before we even got out of sight of the ramp.  It seemed that somebody thought it would be a good idea to take a rickety old fiberglass jon boat out into the standing timber, get hung on top of a snag, then rock a big hole in the bottom of it.  Never mind the 49 degree water temp and the fact that they were about 150 yards from the boat ramp.  Well, the boat was abandoned and upside-down, so the three of us flipped it over and immediately a humminbird wide eye, a ziploc bag with the boat's registration, and a box of green wigglers floated to the surface.  We struggled to free the boat from the timber, but got her loose and drug it back to the ramp.  We called information and got the owner's number and contacted his answering machine.  Never heard back from him until late that night, but on to the fishing:

After performing our good deed for the year, we all expected to rally on the fish.  Rally we did.  The preferred technique seems to be pulling up on a point and flinging out live shad on bottom.  We proceeded to drown 5 live 8-10" Sinclair gizzards flung as far as possible on 2 oz egg texas and carolina-style rigs.  Neither style seemed to out fish the other, but the texas allows for fewer knots and easier casting.  Our first hit came after about 15 minutes and was a skinny 11 lber.  After that, the hits came slow and steady averaging a fish every 45 minutes to an hour.  We ended up with 8 hits and 6 fish boated.  The remaining weights were 11, 12, 13.5, 21,5, and 32.  That 32 lber is a Seein Stripes GA record biggest striper and biggest fish.

Water clarity was typical for Juliette at 4+ feet, and surface temps ranged form 49-50.  There were some birds present, but nowhere near where we were catching fish.



Got a late start on the day.  Headed to Oconee with a few dozen nice threads.  Veered off and went back to Sinclair due to the wind.  I anchored down in a little bit of current and put out 4 rods.  Caught one hybrid that was 5.5 lbs.  Sat a while waiting and decided to toss a Seein Stripes shad head jig with plastic trailer.  Made the first cast and hooked up on another fish as soon as the jig hit the water about 80 yards away.  I put the reeling hand in fast motion and got the jig in as quickly as possible, then began fighting the fish.  It took about 40 yards of drag while I was reeling the lure up.  After about 2 minutes of fight, I got a second hookup on another rod.  The first fish finally rolled up, it was a 7 lb hybe.  The second fish was a healthy 3 lb channel cat.  Sat a while longer and contemplated moving to a different spot.  About 5 minutes after that contemplation, I tripled up, glad I didn't move.  Two hybes in the 6-7 lb range and another 3 lb whiskered bass.  I decided to leave while I was ahead.  It was sunny, but the winds were howling out the NE at 20+.  Water was 51.5 and clarity was 1-2'.



Not a bad way to re-start the journal.  Catching a big fish seems to be inspiring.  Today's deal was a tank of nice gizzards, a beautiful sunny winter day about 65 degrees with little to no wind and willing stripes.  Water temp was 55-57 and clarity was 3-4'.  I was running 2 planers and 1 freeline.  The first fish was the biggest and was a new Seein Stripes GEORGIA record!  The fish was 31.5 lbs and was circle-hooked and released.  3 other stripes in the 9-12 lb range succumbed to the 965's and a 6 lb green fish as well.  Fished from 3:30 until dark, about 3 hours.  Winning is everything.