July 2004



Had a very good day considering we only fished a couple of hours and then got drenched in the downpour.  Tomi caught a 14 lber and I managed to win big with a 20 and a 27.  Fish were caught on gizzards from yesterday.  Not too shabby.  Went from partly cloudy to damn nasty in no time.



Did some random boarding on Meltospoolackatonio Hill.  Caught 4 fish amongst a lurking fog and some heavy rain.  Weights in order of catches were 12, 17, 21, and 11.  Found a new killer bait source 2 nite.  Water was 61-83 and clarity was variable.  Started at 5 pm today, weather was mostly cloudy



Well, they hit and we caught.  Finished the day up with a 17 and a 19 lber.  Several other exciting moments highlighted the day with huge blow-ups and pulled baits, but it was hard to get the fish to take the metal.  It was sweltering in the 90 degree range with high humidity and no wind.  Water started at 71 and climbed into the 75 degree range before we left.  Clarity was a bit off color.




The bite was a bit slow, but we got bit nonetheless.  With the loss of probably the bigger fish of the trip, we managed to land two decent fish, 15 and 17 lbs.  Water temp was in the low 70's, clarity was good.



Nice trip today.  5 fish boated and released.  One was in the gut, but swam off strong.  First gut hook in a few months with the circles.  Biggest was a nice 28 lb 41" specimen of a striper.  Others were 21, 20, 19, and 17.  Water went from 72 to 75 on us and the air was 94 in Knoxville today.  Mostly sunny and little to no wind made for a sweat-filled outing.  If you want to win with a big fish, you'll book a trip like within the next couple of weeks.


A fun-filled day of fish catching halleleuiahness.  7 stripes with a 17, 18, 19, 21, 21, 23, and 24.  Water got up to 76 and we left to save fish.  Good day, hot and humid, mostly sunny.   Water started out pretty muddy, which I wasn't happy with at all, but the fish turned on and it cleared out nicely throughout the day.  Nice wins, nice.  Why not book a trip so you can win like this fine gentleman did?


Technically an extension of yesterday's epic journey, but an epic of itself since the only fish caught at ths location was hooked up at 1:30 AM and was only 41 lbs.  Buddies Wes and Jason swore that there were big fish in the area.  I just drank liquid fun and watched them try to prove themselves right for about 4 hours until we got the hit.  It was foggy and cool out, but the fish didn't mind the conditions.  The fight was about 5 minutes.  The Boga read 41.  Wes released her to fight another day.



Crazy day out.  Had 2 leftover lunars from yesterday, we used them quick and connected on a 19 lber.  Next came a wily gizzard which quickly turned into a 31 lb striped bass.  Not shortly after that, we had another collection of moon-bitches which yielded a couple of hits but no takers.  We went to retrieve planers and sheltered out a rain event.  On the way back up from sheltering the rain event out, we got stormed on...BAD.  It was that 1" diameter raindrop, pound your face in, "is this hail or not?" type of rain.  We contemplated going back, but I decided to do the wrong thing and set out planers again.  This time we connected on a 23 pound win and this was our last fish of the day.  Headed back in to do some night fishing.


Ahh, to win is not to sin.  Fishies today were 30, 26, 21, 19, and 17.  No camera, so no proof, but you just have to take my word for it.  It is HOT right now.  5 stripes, lip hooked, released great, wins.  All moonwhores for bait captured on worms and crickets.  Look for these fine baits at no local tackle shop anywhere in the world.  You gotta get them your damselves.  Sunny and hot.

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