July 2002


The LOST month 7/16-8/16/02

ALLLLLLLLRIGHTY THEN.  Things have settled back down some, got the 'pooter kickin and the cable modem troubles are shot.  Still got a lot of boxes, but things are rollin.  The new casa is the shiznit and don't tell anybody, but Seein Stripes is about to embrace a new vessel.  Things are looking very positive on that forefront.  Oh yeah, I did manage to catch a few fish during the month off of the journal.  

To recap:  I've got a bit of C.R.S. going on, but here's all I can muster:  Several nice stripes were caught including, but not limited to (by means of my memory) from biggest to smallest, 31, 29, 28, 25, 23, 22, 21, 20, 20, and several under 20's.  Only about 2 trips/week, but did some good things catching big dog-days trophy stripes.  Gizzards and mooneyes have been the preferred baits.  Took one smallmouth trip with a bucket of 5-8" alewives and cleaned house.  Water temps are good to bad, weather has been mostly okay, very little rain since the move-in, temps around 90 plus or minus a few degrees.  Can't wait until those fall temps roll around.  Thanks for hanging out and being patient, we will have more journals to come.



REAL good day out.  Two different locations, 23 striped bass caught and lip-hooked and released on live and artificials.  Most of the fish were in the 2000 model class (2-4 lbs), but a few of them weren't.  One fish, 27 lbs wasn't, another lbs wasn't, and this lber wasn't either.  Very nice fishing and catching.  New techniques and locations were learned today by me, Jason and his uncle, Jerry .  Nice weather, mid 80's, sunny, kinda annoying wind from the SW all day at 10+.  Still a real good day, will do it again as soon as we get into the house.  It's ALL-OUT moving time the rest of the week.  Another photo from the day .



Big gizzards and alewives yielded 3 striped fish today.  Nothing staggeringly huge, but nice catching anyways.  A couple of smaller fish and one in the mid teens .  It's not been as good as past weeks, but maybe it will fire up tomorrow.  Weather was very nice where we were, but ran into heavy rain when we got back into k-town.



It rained like HELL all day!  But we did catch two striped fish in the 10 lb class .  It was interesting putting alewives on foreign waters, they are awesome bait.  Didn't do so well holding overnight in high density.  Got a scoop of gizzards and went home early to plan tomorrow's venture and let the sky dry out.  Nice day, NOT!!!



Good fishing day, nice weather, some NE wind at times.  We boated 3 fish and lost a few others.  Sizes were 24.5, 22.5, and 8.  They were done hitting by about 8:00.  Taught myself how to get 5-10" alewives at will.  The big ones are like baby skipjacks and make awesome bait.  TWC calling for rain tomorrow.



Did some fishing below A dam.  Caught one striper in the mid teens.  Nothing special, always good to hit the water though.



Pretty good outing.  Fish were doing a little bit of breaking the surface and we got on them a little bit.  Caught 6 fish with two around 17 lbs , the rest under 10 lbs.  Heavy generation, shad and lures, fun fishing.


week of 7/1/02:

Not too eventful, caught one fish off the bank below Melton Hill about 10 lbs tossing a seeinstripes jig.  A couple of other unsuccessful trips, one late-nite cut bait trip.  All due to insufficient generation schedules this year.  What's with the TVA anyway?  and that did rhyme.

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