JUNE 2003



Good way to go out in June.  Andy and I teamed up for 22 stripes and I had a 36 lb hog take a little gizzard shad and strip some major drag.  We had to chase him a little.  The rest of the fish were under 15 lbs, but wild and mean as hell.  Great fun and worn out thumbs were today's theme.  Overcast and raining when we ran out of bit.  Temps in the low 70's, water 67 degrees, clarity 4 feet.  Great catching.



Loooong day.  Fished 3 different systems, no fish in the first two locations, but kept moving and found the win-zone.  We finished the evening with 14 stripes anywhere from 2-20 lbs.  Weather was warm around 90 and very little breeze, partly cloudy.  Good day of catching.


Threw down on the river today and caught 7 niiice stripes.  Sizes were: 27.5, 21, 20.5, and 4 in the teens.  Water was 68-69, clarity 5 feet.  Weather was a bit warm, but a very nice day out, lite breeze and sunny.  The first catchings yielded a triple-up.  Nice day of seeing stripes.



Returned to the activity zone and only managed 4 fish.  The biggest was pushing 20 lbs.  Not quite the time we had on the last outing, but we saw stripes.



A little fun in the tailraces.  Hooked up with good ol' buddy Darren and had a blast.  We boated and released 26 stripes on both live and artificial.  Artificial was Seein Stripes shad head jigs in 1 and 1.5 oz with plastic trailer.  Biggest was 20 lbs, a few more in the teens and lots under 10 lbs.  Fun catchings.  Clarity about 2 feet, temp upper 60's.  Lots of water.  Air in the mid 80's no wind, kinda warm.



Busted 3 chops today.  Two were 23 lbs apiece, the third was an ambitious 6 lber.  It was a little tougher on this trip getting bait.  It was a long day for 3 fish, but well worth the excitement as usual.  Water was 69 degrees and a little lower than I like it.  Clarity about 4 feet.  Location deux had 55-56 degrees and 8' clarity.  A little windy and warm in the mid 80's wind blowing up to 20 at times from the NE.



Did a little off the bank in the AM to the tune of one 4 lber.  Worked in the middle of the day, then got bait in the PM for the following AM.  Caught the fish on the Seein Stripes 1 oz shad head jig with plastic trailer.



What a difference.  Same spots, same baits, same weather, only 1 15 lb fish all day.  Caught in the first 5 minutes, then no more landed fish the rest of the day.  A few compelling hits, but nothing serious enough.  Water was 68-72.  Clarity 6 feet.   Weather was a bit irregular, crapped on us about 2:00 for 30 minutes, then got nice, temps went up and down, high was mid 80's.  Wind was minimal.  Tried it below Melton Hill and Loudon, not much going on this afternoon.  Weird, only 1 fish.


Just another day at work.  6 fish, 154 lbs.  Record-setting double of 37.5 lbs and 32 lbs combined for 69.5.  Weights went: 37.5, 32, 31, 19, 17.5, 17.  Clarity was 5-6 feet, temp started at 66, ended at 71.  Getting too hot to fish.  The big fish were all post-spawn females with slack guts.  The 37 would have been close to 45.  The bigger fish have all been over 40".  Nice overcast day early, mostly sunny late, temps in the low 80's a little windy.  All fish were caught between 9:30 and 11:30.  Several more big missed hookups and one broken line prevented any more boated fish.  Nice stripes.


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It wasn't too bad for luck today. (Friday)  Caught 10 short fish below Melton hill just messing around.  Water is 61.  Generation has been kinda weak.  Clarity was 4 feet.  Weather could not have been much better, about 75 and nice.



Could it get better than yesterday?  Maybe.  <Click Here>



Little different story from yesterday.  Weather was iffy, raining for a while and quitting, no wind to speak of until the shower blew in, but overall not too awful considering the outcome.  It's called record-tying.  5 stripes, 160 lbs and what's FREAKY AS HELL is that it was exactly 1 year to the day after the previous record, but on a completely different body of water.  Water temp: 65, clarity 4 feet.  It was nothing but action all day long, 5 fish caught and released, 3 broken lines, 10 more missed hits and non-stop boiling and blowing up.  Scary that it could have been better!  I got to share it with one of my MVP clients and his guest.  The lowdown: 38, 33, 32, 31, and 26 lbs, all fish around 40-43" long.  The proof:




Pulled gizzards for a loss this evening.  Conditions were seemingly perfect and we had nervous baits virtually the entire time, but no action.  Why not?  Couldn't tell ya, it was overcast, foggy, no wind and perfect, not another boat on the water.  Yet we couldn't connect.  Water was 53-61 and clear enough.  Nice evening though.



A lot of you will wish you had booked a trip today.  Instead, the guide went solo and won, big.   Water was 64 degrees and 5 feet.  Bait was a little tougher than it should have been, but it was good enough.  Wind was okay, a little gusty, but it blew mostly due W, which worked out good.  Mostly clear skies, temp in the mid 70's, gorgeous day.  I'm re-hooked on fishing again.  Of course I left the camera in the truck.

Today's fish journal is going to be an equation, so get out your calculator or you'll have no clue how big any of the fish were.  Nah, you can do it in your head.

Here's how it works:  I caught 4 striper today.  The total weight was 101 lbs.  The two smallest fish combined weighed less than the second largest.  If we number the fish in ascending size 1 thru 4, then fish 1 and fish 2 weighed 29 lbs.  Fish 1 and 2 were only 1 lb different in size.  Fish 3 weighed 10 lbs less than fish 4 which weighed the reverse of the numbers in the weight of fish 1.  Now you have enough information to figure out the sizes of all of today's fish.  

This journal posted at 12:10 AM on 6/2/03, the first person to correctly email me the weights of all 4 fish will get something cool.

Did I say I left the camera in the truck?  Well, here a few shots that I did manage (second outing).