June 2005



More winning.  Caught jack-o's fairly easy, all good 10-14" filet mignons.  Didn't take long to latch onto the first and biggest fish of the day, a 36 lb 44.5" bruiser.  Don't let the weight fool you, a 44 1/2 inch fish can weigh 50 lbs with the right stuff, so this fish fought with the strength on a much larger fish.  Being anchored in heavy current and the fact that the fish ran downstream swayed the fight in the fish's favor.  I thought I was going to have to start pouring water on the 975 to keep from melting the drag.  Fearing that the fish was going to take my line, I put the spool on lockdown and braced my stance.  Everything held up and I slowly worked her back to the boat.  Excellent fish.  The next fight was about 5 minutes after baiting back up.  This fish was just as strong, actually running MORE line off and taking drag from about a 7 lb setting.  (Try it on your reel at home-crank down the drag, put the hook on a scale and pull line straight off the reel and read the scale to see where your drag is, you will be shocked how tight 7 lbs is!)  After dragging that fish about 80 yards back to the boat up current, she weighed in at 34 lbs.  When I took the hook out, the point was GONE from the barb up!  I FIRMLY believe if we hadn't been using circles that fish would have been history.

The rest of the fish went down in size according to the early morning trend.  The weights were 24, 23, 18, and 12 lbs.  Talk about an anti-climactic outing.  It still doesn't really matter how big they are just as long as they are on the end of your line.  It started out a little sprinkly and then remained overcast all day.  Ideal weather.  The wind from the approaching tropical storm whipped up at about 1 pm and the water came up, so we hauled ass.  Water temp again was in the mid 60's and clarity was 3-4.





Winning isn't sinning.  Boated and released 7 stripes on this occasion.  Only fished about 5 hours.  Broke 2 nice fish off and had 4 or 5 other nasty hits, some of whom got what they came for.  Weights were 18, 19, 22, 22, 24, 25, and 29.  Shot some good video of the fights and fish, didn't get the scoop on the big hits though.  Hard to time when to turn the camera on.  Even harder to film and run the troller.  It was a nice day with temps in the mid 80's, no wind made for some schwetty balls, but catching fish takes all the woes away.  Water temp: mid 60's, clarity 3 feet.



Visited the K-town striper fishery with my old chum Ryan.  Blew some cobwebs out of the River Pro, caught some jack-o's and went for some lobbing.  Not too much happened.  We nailed one 18 lber and I had a 20+ eye fuc_ing my bait for about 10 minutes and never committed.  Water was in the mid 60's and clarity was an unusually clear 6-7'.