June 2002



Very eventful day and records broken on the water.  Started out in some carp-infested waters where we managed to shoot and land one nice little fish.  That is a nice 28.5 lb grass carp, or white amur taken by the trusty whitetail hunter.  On to a new location loaded with some harder targets like gar.  They are hard targets with an arrow, but for one unfortunate and HUUUUGE gar, it wasn't a hard target.  Click Photo for all Gar Pictures  Click the photo.  Weighed in at 19 lbs and close to 5 feet long.  Biggest gar I've ever seen and first one I've ever shot.  The arrow knocked it senseless, but did not penetrate as far as the prongs.  If I hadn't hit it right in the head, it would have been gone.  What a huge fish!  Then if that wasn't enough, we happened to be in a pretty good place to do some striper fishing, so we did. And here are those results: 7 striper: 8, 19 , 21 , 22 , 25.5 , 26.5 , and 39 lbs (no picture) : (    Not a bad way to wrap up the day.  We landed 7 out of 8 hits on the bait today, all lip-hooked and released.  Digital camera in effect today.  Weather was HOT and HUMID, light to no wind.  Incredible day of fish.



Fished near some concrete, caught 16 stripes, all 2001 models.  Also got several crappie, a few white bass, yellow bass, two catfish and a drum.  All on a small jig.  Water temp was 71.7, clarity was about 1 foot.  Good numbers, but total weight of the stripes might have been 5 lbs.



1 fish, 12.5 lbs.  Water temp. 59.1, clarity 10 feet.  Generation was funny.  We did hook up and lose a big fish and miss 4 other potential fish.  Weather was post thundershower, foggy on the water, mostly cloudy with a few peeks of the sun.  Air temp about 80, wind blew one time from NE for a bit.  Slow day.



Bow fishing on Melton Hill.  A warm evening, but a good one to head out with bow and arrow.  I bought a release and it is the trick.  I hit 7 craps and got 6 in the boat.  I love shooting crap.  Photo is coming.



Okay, they're back on.  We had an awesome day and the scary thing is that it could have been better.  6 fish, 145 lbs.  11 , 13.5 , 20 , 30.1 , 30.6, and 38.2 were the weights of the day.  Not too shabby for a southern boy.  They were hitting much more aggressively than yesterday, inhaling the baits sometimes without notice. Water temp: 58.5, clarity: 10.  Weather was warm, almost 90, mostly sunny, good breeze from the W all day.


 My party was nice enough to allow me the final bait of the trip, so I pitched it into a spot where we kept on missing a fish all day on the planers.  It didn't take but 3 seconds for the fish to hit and I buried that 5/0 circle hook deep into as much bone and flesh as it could find. The fish instantly responded by showing itself in a frenzied display of power and spray as it came up and thrashed the surface of the water like a  liquid volcano.  I was humbled for the next 5 minutes.  This is the hardest fighting striper I've ever caught to this point in my life.  It ran from one side of the river COMPLETELY to the other side.  It pulled me around a rock on the bottom while I helplessly fed line and prayed to the striper gods.  The line came free, the fish rolled on the surface about 50 yards out and took off again.  It came near some logs in the water while I watched in terror and fear.  Finally the fish subdued after a good 7-8 minute epic struggle.  It was a good thing that the fish pooped out when it did because I was done myself!  That just happened to be the 38.2 lb fish.  Gary, thanks, I enjoyed it.



41.2 lbs, 58.2 10 ft, lots of misses.  Long rundown:  It was a LONG day on the water, enhanced by lots of big striper just nipping at the bait.  We missed 7 good hits before finally hooking up about 30 minutes before dark on this 41.2 lb beast of a fish that fought like it was on crack.  Nice day on the water, wind blew NE steady 10-15 with a couple of enormous gusts up to probably 40, then shifted to SW, then back to NE, odd.  The fish were a little screwed up by the whole deal as well, they generation was about half-assed also which I believe added to the light-hitting and short striking.  At least we got one and it was a good one!



quick rundown-caught 3- 16, 33.5, 38, water temp low 58's, ria.  Longer rundown:  It was a pretty standard issue trip, met the guys at the ramp, headed out, caught big striped bass.  The bite was a little slow after the initial double-up on the 38 and the 33.5 lb fishes.  Here's what they looked like:  the 38 , and the 33.5 .  I think it's about time I said it,

"Them boys can catch some fish!"

What a GREAT year it is turning out to be!



FIRST BOW-FISHING excursion ever!  I got the bow and arrow in effect tonight.  Killed two carp   and a 7" gizzard shad .  I recommend this to anybody who likes excitement and fun.  On the other hand, if you don't care for dead fish, don't do it.  Me and Jason had a blast blasting fish.  Photos will be on eventually.  Perfect weather, partly cloudy, 80 degrees.



Got good bait near Ryan's house.  Pulled boards way up on Rio for a while with nothing but a few nervous baits, headed to lower Rio.  Caught one 10 lber on a jack and couldn't get much else.  Changes locales.  We boated 4 lip-hooked striped bulldozers at: 25, 28 , 30, and 34 lbs.  The 34 and 30 came as a double!    Had two other fish hooked for a moment and had a bait get stolen.  Remember to hook the bait good enough so they can't pull it right off the hook!!!  That's 117 lbs in 4 fish, not too shabby.  Headed in at 7:30.  Weather was PERFECT, no wind, temps in the 70's, mostly sunny.  Lake #1 was 62 upper and 69 lower, 4-5 feet.  Lake #2 was 57.0 and 6 feet.  Another great day logged into striper history.



Started on Watts Bar, explored the Emory side, no luck.  Water never got any cooler than 78.  Got BIG gizzards for bait.  Caught a 27.5 lber and a 10 lber.  Cool day, temps didn't get comfortable until afternoon, might have peaked at 80, steady SW wind at 10-15 mph and mostly cloudy to sunny.  Water was 57.3 and clarity 6-7 feet.



Jason with a nice stripe.



Today's hotspot was a bit disappointing.  Water temp is 74-75, clarity: 2 feet and jacks were a bit stubborn.  We managed to cast net a few mooneyes to see if we were going to need more.  Had one good solid hit and saw about a 5 lber trying to figure out how to eat one.  Weather was nice, upper 80s and dry air.  Water started coming up and we took off at about 7:30.  



Bank fished Melton Hill.  Nothing doing on stripes, water was a jillion degrees.  Saw a jillion gizzards shad...if you need gizzards they are at the dam right now.  Saw one fish caught, oh and I caught a record drum at about 15 or 16 lbs, yay.  Weather was sunny and warm, upper 80s.



Got bait easy on Melton Hill.  Fished upper end and caught a 14 lber and had another maybe a little bigger take a shad.  Temp. was 52.1, clarity was 15 feet.  Got a scoop of some huge gizzards and went to another lake.  We had three MAJOR takedowns and bait rip-offs on some 12" gizzards, but could NOT put a hook in the fish for an extended period of time.  Water temp 58, clarity 10 feet.  Weather was nice again, sunny and temps in mid 80's.  Nice day to be out.



Started out on Melton Hill, got bait and caught a mean 8 lber.  Had a bigger one lock into it for a few seconds and get away.  Hauled ass to another spot.  We did get two fish to the boat, but it was nothing like Friday.  They were about 10 and 20 lbs.  Had one whale grab a bait and blister a Penn's drag and then steal my hook!  What nerve.  We all saw the fish and estimated a weight of at least 40 lbs.  Had two or three others take the bait and leave.  Caught the 20 lber on a small carpsucker, first time ever.  Water temp was 57.4, clarity 10 feet, nice weather: partly cloudy and in the mid 80's.  Winds have been calm the past few days.  Typical of the hot season, no wind.  Nice fishing.



S-P-E-C-TACULAR DAY!!!  And to think if we had landed every fish that we hooked into...  Even at that it was a record setting day with a 5 fish total weight of 160 lbs.  Smallest fish was 24 , then 30 , 31 , 35 , and 40 lbs .  Others were luckier and either stole the bait or got away after a short struggle.  Gizzards were on the menu and in a major way.  Water was 70-72 when much of the hitting occured and then chilled to 57.5 after generation.  Nothing was caught after that in the original area of destruction.  Clarity was 10 feet.  Air was mid 80's and sunny.  Incredible day, absolutely awesome.  Got photos coming and possibly a video feed of some action.



Lots of hits on jacks, but nothing really serious about eating.  Cast netted some mooneyes and gave them a hurl.  Finally locked onto a nice 31 lber that was 40.5" long.  Swell evening.  Big thunderstorms earlier, but it stayed nice for the evening fishing.  Temps in upper 70's, mostly cloudy.  Water was 3-4 ft. clarity and 67.5 degrees. 



Fished in the Holston.  Water temp was 50.8.  Clarity was 4 feet.  Didn't catch anything, but learned a lot.  It rained a little before we got on the water, but then it was nice, still air, temp around 80.



Started below Meltonio.  Got bait, water was 70, clarity was 4 feet.  Tried pulling some shad for a little, not even a nervous bait.  Headed to another spot, had a 35 lber   within 5 minutes.  Put the boards back out and caught another 35 lb fish within the next 5 minutes .  It appeared to be the same fish.  It weighed exactly the same (plus 4 ounces for the shad, just kidding)  What was strange was that it fought harder the second time around.  Had another good hookup and lost the fish to a stump.  Water temp: 57, clarity: 8 feet.  Headed to Rio, put 3 more fish in and out.  15, 15, and 29 lbs .  Had a couple of rip-offs and missed hookups, but that's skipjack fishing.  If you landed every fish it wouldn't be sport.  Water temp: 70-72, clarity 2 feet.  Great day, almost a new 5-fish record weight.  Weather was hot, 91 degrees and sun all day, humid.