March 2004



Nice day, perfect weather, a little breezy, but 70 degrees and niiiiice.  Water was 58-61, clarity around 4 feet, bait was tough, water was low..tried some shad but no luck.  She'll be heating up over the next couple weeks.  Caught a couple of smallies and 10 whities.



Went paddlefish snagging with no luck.  Wound up on Cherokee for some reason, but we did catch one hybrid about 5 lbs.  Wind was out of everywhere at 20-30 and nasty.  Had some flurries on occasion.  Small gizzards on boards seemed to be working well barring the mean conditions.  Air was around 40, wind chill was 30 below zero, mostly cloudy conditions, water was 52-57 degrees clarity not more than 1.5 feet.



Back in the saddle.  It's been a while and there were a few days fished prior to this entry, but only the important details will be written.  Today was weird.  Thunderstorms in the AM, bright sunny and windy all day, thunderstorms in the PM.  We caught 1 10 lb stripe and had two other hit/misses.  Water was 52 degrees, clarity about 4 feet.  Air got up to mid 70's today and the wind was blowing 36 million miles/hour.  Gizzards on boards were the key.  Time to find the fish.