November 2000



Hit the water at about 10:30. Slight breeze made it hard to see any flipping shad. Went upstream to the submerged dam area to scout for bait. Threw net a jillion times and got about 20 shad. Decided to go fishing to see if I needed more. Fished the outflow and caught several nice hybrids, one 7.3 lbs. It didn't take long to run out of bait. I went looking. The outflow temp was 68-70 and the main river was 53. Air temp was probably mid 40's and clear blue sky with light wind. Found the shad in the bend, they were thick. Planed the right side descending from the plant from the first buoy back up to the outflow, no luck at all there. Caught more hybrids and one flurry of stripes (tripled up on 2-4 lb stripers). Biggest hybrid went 11.3 and HE smiled nice for the camera. He was full of milt and I think he liked my foot. Broke off on another nice one, caught a catfish and had several 3-6 lb hybrids. Very good day, doing it again tomorrow!



Got bait at IC King park. Water temp was 46 at the ramp. Had to find warmer water to locate bait. I saw one shad flip and one throw was all it took right on the flip. Launched up past 33 bridge on Norris. Water was 52. Tried heading for cow pasture, no go, too choppy for my boat. Turned around and headed back downwind. Saw a large fish break and stopped to scope it out. Thick bait holding from 12-25 feet. Took three casts with the net...must have been small bait, slipping thru 5/8" mesh. Began planing north bank. Secondary points. Marked a ton of medium size fish inbetween two of the points....must have been those 1 year olds Allan said. Was just down from that and had a good boil. Fish took the second bait and had it, but the point buried in the bait and didn't set into the fish. That was the only good hit all day. Few smallmouth toying with the bait, caught one 2 lb stripe by the buoy. Cold front moved through around 1pm. Wind gusts well in excess of 30, probably 50 a couple of times. Died down at dusk and I gave one last try on the points adjacent to the luck at all. Oh, tried cut baiting off the bank where I marked a ton of pull, no fish. That was sauger I. Kingston tomorrow.


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