November 2002



Fished a steam plant and caught one 14 lber.  The wind was blowing a steady 25 and gusting to 40, real nice out.  Got a video of the action...looks like the ocean.  Made it a little difficult to hold anything remotely resembling a straight line while trolling, but a man's gotta do what he's got to do.  Water was 56 degrees, 3' clarity and rough.  Air started at 56 degrees and fell quickly, clear with gale force winds.  Not a nice day, but saw some stripes.



Took the Kraft out and zoomed around in the river.  It ran good, somebody needs to buy it from me.  Make an offer.  No fishing.



I think it's time for a stinger hook.  5 solid hits, 0 hook-ups.  A little bit frustrating when you just want to catch a fish.  Water was cool, somewhat clear, and flowing.  Weather was cool, about 50 and sunny with little to no wind.  It's high time to catch some fish I think.



Took a little trip West.  Found some nasty weather, clear skies, mid 40's and a SW wind about 20 mph.  Got bait fairly easy and caught one fish about 10 lbs, nothing to brag about.  Had two other solid hits but no hookups.  Water was 52 degrees and clarity was around 3-4 feet.  Stopped by on the way back for some steam plant action and there wasn't any.  Tough day again.



What a nice evening.  We fished some Salmo trutti tonight and had some good results.  Several big hits but only one fish landed, about 7-8 lbs.  One bait was a pound or more and got lots of action and hits, but didn't put a hook in anything with it.  Water was 57 degrees, clarity 2 feet.  Weather was IDEAL, no wind and 45 degrees.  We saw one boat the whole time out.  



Windy, rainy, ugly, turbulent.  Four words that best described today.  Bait was fairly easy despite the gale force winds...just gotta know where to look.  Couldn't keep an anchor in one spot on the bottom at Kingston.  One bite.  Rolled to Loudonian where they have only 5 flood gates open spilling.  There were some 3 foot swells and even the Ark took on some water over the side.  Caught one small striped striper quick and then couldn't buy another one....probably mostly cause I'm broke as hell.  Got wet through 3 layers, my head got wet through my hat, and it was just nasty.  It's still nasty and I'm inside drying out.  Will somebody please let us have a nice weekend?  Oh, water at Kingston was too hot 70, water at Loudos was 59.  1-2 clarity.  Out.



Fished prior and a little during the rain.  Had several big boils and landed a chunky 15 lber on a good sized gizzard.  Temp at ramp was 54, in the river 66; clarity was 1-2.  Air wasn't too bad, mid 50's, no wind.  I'm just not a big rain fan.  



Windy day, boat blew around sideways until dark when it calmed down.  Managed to get 7 small fish despite the rough conditions.  It was mostly sunny with temp around 60 degrees.  Temp gauge is working fine again, good grief.  Lack of daylight basically extinguishes weekday fishing.  



Thought I'd return to yesterday's spot and get on them again.....wrong.  Caught 1 and pneumonia.  It rained steady the whole time and wasn't too warm.  Temp gauge on the new LMS 240 is off-line, great, wonderful.  They weren't running water like yesterday and I figure that made all the difference.  



First trip in a while.  Got the payoff by persistence.  The fish weren't hitting until about 4:00, so it was really a 5 hour wait.  Finished up with 26 feisty little guys, a couple of bass, couple of cats, a white bass and a crappie.  Used small gizzards and threads to slay 'em.  Water temp varied from 63-73, clarity about 2 feet.  Weather was cool, high of 50 and slight 5-10 mph E winds.