November 2003



Took a break from the website, caught a few fish, fuzzy on the details.




Ventured back out on the big water and had a good victory.  4 stripes, 6, 16, 16, and 21 lbs.  All on planers in about 5 feet of water.  Gizzards for bait.  Water temp: 57, clarity: 2 feet.  The air was cool, high might have hit 70, but it was sub freezing in the am and got cool quickly after sundown.  Nice day on the water.



A horrific breakdown of the TWRA system occurred today.  I got checked for the first time this a creek which you can jump over.........on private property........and the kicker is: I hadn't wet my line yet when the officer came walking up.  I'm not sure about the private property issue, but I was fishing for 3" shiners for food for my pet gar.  For all of the violations I have witnessed this year, 145 days of fishing, I have not seen but maybe 3 or 4 TWRA boats on the lakes.  Of all the times I have been checked, about 5 or 6 (in 9 years), the majority of them have occurred while on the bank....WHY?  Why penalize somebody who is most likely having the least impact on the fisheries and the environment?  A waste of tax dollars and manpower.  Well, I caught 3 shiners and the gar was happy.



Took trout today, they got hit but didn't get eaten.  Wound up catching 3 stripes, 15, 16, and 19 lbs on mooneye.  It took 4 hours of sitting in the same spot, but the fish finally turned on at about 4:00.  Weather was warm, about 80 and no wind.  Mooneyes were tough to get.



Used gizzards and used them well.  After setting up (the only boat on 10 miles of river), another boat came right in where we were.  I had to wave him around the planers because he would have run over them rather than take the wide side of the river.  He continued around in front of us, cut across to the bank we were fishing and lofted his anchor into the water with a huge splash.  WHY?  Who knows.  As if that wasn't enough asshole-ish-ness, he pulled the anchor back up and repeated the process.  So then we had 10 miles of river and two boats about 30 yards from each other.  The only difference is that while they were getting snagged on the bottom, we got snagged on a 27 lb and an 18 lb striper.  He asked a couple of questions about what and how and after a couple of very vague answers, he took his crowd back downriver.  

We reset in another location and had a shad get busted by a nice smallie, so I zinged a topwater in beside the bait and he responded instantly.  After missing on the first leap, we connected after a couple of twitches.  In the meantime, on the opposite side of the boat, Darren's 30 lber was looming under one of the baits, about to strike.  It did strike, and we had a double with a 3.5 lb smallie and a 30 lb striper.  That was all the fish for today, good day, nice stripes.  Water was 65, clarity 3 feet, weather was picture perfect.