October 2002



Tried pulling gizzards without planers ('cause I forgot them) and lost.  A couple of nervosas, but nothing stunning.  Did get real bored and tied on a rooster tail and busted three bluegill, two green sunfish and a little spotted bass on the bank.  jeez.  Weather was perfect, about 60 degrees, no wind, clear sky.  No stripes, but a nice evening.



Trout early, striper late.  Limited out on troooots this AM, then took a guided trip on Norris with Ezell in the PM.  We boated a 17 lber and I greenhorned a couple of others in the same size range.  A good bit of action, pretty fun.  Temp is 69, clarity 4-5 feet.  Weather was overcast, 60 degrees and started to sprinkle at dusk.  No wind until the sprinkle started.  



Striped bass acquisition.  We caught 4 chunky little mean stripes today on Meltonio.  Gizzaros were on the menu.  Surface temp: 53-66.  Clarity: 3-6'.  All the fish were in the 8-14 lb range.  Weather was foggy and cool, then nice and sunny, then real cold.  Light NE wind 5-10, mostly sunny.


Week of 10/14-17/02

Much trout acquisition.




Did the trout thing today.  Started out catching 13 between the 3 of us on corn this morning.  Went below Watts Bar, where they are spilling water and found plenty of jack opportunities.  With 17 trout (4 from yesterday) and 7 jacks (that took a total of 10 minutes to catch), we hit the river.  Not as good as expected, but we did land 2 and had another right up to the boat on the trout.  All but one skipjack died, and he flatlined shortly thereafter.  The trout are much hardier than shad, but I don't think any more effective as bait.  Fish were 10 and 13 lbs.  Nothing big, but fun river fish.  Air today started out in the upper 70's, but a big cold front wiped that out with a vengeance.  It was 63 when we left the ramp.  Water was 71, 6' clarity.  Leaves are getting annoying for trolling, pretty soon it will be impossible.  Real nice day of fishing.

(self photo)


Trout fishing again.....gotta get my money's worth on that stinkin stamp.  Did get 5 good baits for latter use.  Power bait seemed to be pretty effective this time...none on artificials.  I did see a big brown about 6-7 lbs leap clean from the water about 20 feet from me, cool.  Overcast, 75 degrees. Water: 56, clear.



Nice day of fishing with my friend and UT coach, JT.  Started out nasty, but the radar showed the rain and drizzle moving out.  It did.  Still got real wet getting bait.  We hit the river at about 11:00 and kind of caught fish all day.  We finished up with 6 released stripes in the 7-18 lb range.  A mixed bag of planing and lobbing shad worked out well today.  Weather finished up around 80 and sunny, very nice.  Water was 69 degrees and 4' clarity.  Great day.



Trout fishing again.   This time Jason and I attacked from the bank.  I managed two bait-sized browns.  One on Rapala, the other on a Rooster Tail.  They are still alive, but in captivity.  Trout will be used for bait soon...I can feel it.  Air was 72 and partly cloudy.  Water was bottom-of-Norris water.



OH NO, I WENT TROUT FISHING.  Well, it was going to be for bait, but then I wasn't as good as I needed to be at trout fishing to get bait before nightfall.  I did manage three stinky little trout, 2 browns and a rainbow.  Biggest one was about 10 inches and stocky.  Had a bigger rainbow on for a second, but it decided it didn't want the rooster tail in its mouth and flung it about 20 feet on its first jump.  All trout survived.  Water temp: 56, clarity: clear.  Air was about 80 until the wind quit blowing, then it was about 56....BRRRR.  Next time there will be bait.



Had a fun time with the new doggie on the new boat.  Took a while getting bait, took a while to corral the new doggie at the boat ramp.  We didn't get in fishing position until about 2:00.  Had a flurry of action, 4 fish in about 15 minutes and several missed fish.  That was it for the day on catching.  Found out that I can load the new boat in a direct 3 mph current...nice to know.  No fish over 15 lbs.  Water temp 71, clarity 6 feet.  Nice weather, but where did fall go?  Mid 80's and sunny, little to no wind.



Caught about 100 8-12" gizzards in one net throw.  It was hideous, especially when I lifted the whole thing into the boat and dumped them onto the floor.  I had shad covering the entire floor of that boat.  It was very windy by about noon.  I had one strange strike that seemed to be a big fish, but it was so subtle that the planer just went underwater at first.  It bobbed back up and then went under again and I felt something tug pretty hard.  It pulled the planer off the line and got the shad as well.  No clue as to what it was.  Air was 75 and cloudy, water was 57 and clear.  No fish.