October 2003



Fished hard for 1 fish, 15 lbs.  Used mooneyes on boards and caught that one right off the bat, thinking it was going to be a good day.  Had a few other good boils, but nothing committed.  Water was 59, clarity about 6 feet.  Weather got a little warm, low 80's no wind. 



Wily gizzards, fair catching.  We landed and released 2 stripes, both 17 lbs.  Weather was nice, about 80 and sunny.  Water temps running mid 60's, clarity 3-4 feet. 



We drug some big gizzards around by the nose today for a long time and caught one 15 lber.  Pitching seemed to be the preferred presentation.  Darren managed to nail a 5 lber on topwater.  We thought we had an 8 lb smallie for a while….I was getting the net ready.  We slid on down the river (literally getting stuck on weed and sandpiles several times) to a good lobbing zone and pulled out three decent teen fish 8, 15 and 16.  That 16 I had wrapped me around a log, so we pulled up anchor and ran for the snag to undo the mess.  After much strife (about 10 minutes of heaving and huffing, we broke the 5” branch that was causing the problem.  The fish was still hooked when we finally got the log undone, but it was hung around another log!  We hustled over to the second snag and I shoved the pole deep into the depths, this one came undone fairly easily, but the real battle was yet to come.  It was the THIRD snag that really got us messed up!  Trolled over there to it and reeled down on the fish again…it was snagged hard this time.  I could barely make out the fish on the bottom in about 6 feet of water, but he was still there.  The fish made one more hard run and we heard the crack of the branch that he was wrapped around.  We weren’t sure what gave way, the line, the rod, or the limb.  It still didn’t come loose after that, or after pulling several times, but by some miracle, the branch gave way and the exhausted little fish rolled to the surface.  We were rejoicing in the victory!!!!!  Anyways, we eased on downstream after that and doubled on what was our best two fish of the day at 18 and 26 lbs.  Finished up at 6 fish, 103 lbs and a beautiful day, temps in the upper 70’s no wind.  Water was 66-68 and clarity was around 4 feet.  



The NEW Tow Vehicle:



Made an exploratory on Watts Bar.  Caught 3 little stripes on light spinning and several white bass.  Water temps were from 67-72 and clarity was 2-3 feet.  Fish were breaking sporadically, but they were exceedingly difficult to fool with plastic amongst the ZILLION shad swarming everywhere.  I’ve never seen bait like that except on Cherokee this time of year.  At least we saw stripes.  Weather was perfect in the mid 70s with a light shifting breeze.



Did some pond fishin in GA.  Caught crappie, bass and bluegill pitching little jigs under a float.  The crappie made a nice dinner.  Just making the best out of the situation without striper.



Pretty good day on the water.  All size ranges were landed today.  Water was 63 and 6' clarity.  Weather was mid 70's and sunny, light breeze from the SW.  Fish were 4, 8, 12, 16.5, 16.5, 25, and 30 lbs.  Most were caught lobbing baits and we caught a couple on planers.  Had a couple of other missed fish.  Couldn't have painted a better day to striper fish.



Pitched some alewives to the boils.  Only caught 3 fish tonight, but had a couple of other good ones hooked including one that I unwillingly donated to a bank fisherman.  We later found that they were using spiderwire and my 20 lb mono was no match.  Fish we caught were 5, 15 and 17 lbs.  Water was 67 clarity about 2 feet.  Weather had called for rain, but it was nice all day yesterday and about 70 degrees, cooler in the evening, of course.  Another nice sunset.



Took a little trip, had a few wins, but nothing too serious.  We had one hit that would have ripped a full-grown man's arm off, but she never touched the bait.  It was a vicious strike.  Fish weights were 5, 15, 16, and 17 lbs.  4 fish total.  Water was 67 clarity about 8 feet, current was mediocre.  Weather was mostly cloudy and in the 60's all day, nice striper weather.




Pulled a zero but had a couple of good hits.  A little disappointing, but the water wasn't quite right today.  Big cold front might have played a part, but I think the current being wacky threw the bite off.  We had great bait, just no active fish.  Water was 63 and 6 foot clarity.  Weather was a little windy at times from the SW, but got calm at dusk.  Nice sunset.



Fished below Loudon for some artificial-eating nighttime stripes.  Darren couldn’t catch one on artificial, he had to resort to live bait.  We finished up with 8 fish total on both live and artificial.  Water was 67, clarity about 2 feet.  Alewives were thick.

Everybody, Meet “Miss Striper”


Fished below Melto and had an okay evening releasing 4 smallish fish.  Alewives were a little thick, here’s the result of one throw of the cast net: