How To Choose a Trip that "Fits" You

One Person:  The one person trip is a great opportunity for experienced fishermen to learn new tricks or tactics.  One-on-one with a guide will surely sharpen anybody's skills.  Best all-around Striper experience when catching Striper is the main objective. Recommended also for claustrophobics and introverts. 

Two Person:  Bring a buddy!  You and your best fishing pal will share a new experience that might just be the trip of a lifetime.  However, get ready to share the Striper action (unless you are very unselStriper).

Half Day: A quick trip.  Best utilized if you just want to 'hit the water' for a while or if conditions only allow a shorter time to catch Striper.  Half dayers can be some of the best trips, especially if you're not the gung-ho type of fisherman.

Full Day: Good trip to sample more of the lake and a better chance to catch Striper than the half day.  The day can get a little long if the bite is slow, but if they're hitting, it's hard to leave!  (We might just stay a little longer if it's going to be like that).  StriperStriperStriper

Night Fishing:  There is a night-time fishing expedition which starts at different times, usually an hour or so before dark and only certain times of the year.  It requires some casting experience with spinning tackle. 

What is Provided by My Seein' Stripes Guide?

As always, thanks for choosing the guide service that "SEES STRIPES!"

Little Extras:  Your guide also knows a few spots for other fish species including but not limited to: largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish.  Ask about these "off species" trips if you are interested!

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