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Seein Stripes guide and webmaster, Shawn Mcnew, has some tried and true striper equipment you shouldn't be on the water without.


Seein Stripes side planers are some of the best on the water.  Their technologically advanced design, slow-trolling capability, and guide-tested durability speaks for itself.  Big baits?  No problem.  These planers will keep the biggest shad and skipjacks right where you want front of the big boys (and girls).

Seein Stripes shad-head jigs are ideal for rigging with soft-plastics and tying on your own bucktail creations.  These unpainted leadheads are hand-molded and HIGH quality.  You can fire that 1.5 oz a half mile, or go subtle with the 3/8 oz.  Troll it SUPER deep with the 2 oz, or go with the all-around casters in the 3/4 and 1 oz sizes.  The hooks are Eagle claw 635 hooks with Seaguard coating, great for fresh and salt.

Also available are the arrowhead jigs which prove to be more snagless and have a slightly slower rate of descent.  Available in 3/4 and 1 oz only. 

Don't forget to stock up on egg sinkers.  Seein Stripes provides the same unbeatable quality in its 2 oz egg sinkers, great for those cut-bait and deep summertime striper.

High quality line releases can make or break the trip.  With these Offshore Tackle (tm) line releases, you set the tension, the fish eats the bait, you WIN.

You like to use skipjack, herring, or alewives for bait?  When you tie on a sabiki, you cut your bait-fishing time in half.  Up to 6 baits at once!!  These hard-to-find baits can make the trip.



Before YOU make another trip, make sure you SEE MORE STRIPES with Seein Stripes.