Seein' Stripes Guide Service's

Biggest Striper To-Date


This 49 pound Melton Hill beauty was caught in April, 2002 by Jordan Pratt.  She took a medium-size live gizzard shad on a planer board run very close to the bank.  The hit was an explosion on the surface and very exhilarating to watch.


She measured 45" in length.


And was returned to her home seconds later....

Words from Shawn McNew:

Fellow fishermen, in order to conserve and maintain a true trophy fishery, we must release the greater portion of our caught fish.  I have kept 6 fish this year for table fare and released the other 580 to catch again another day.  There are many different attitudes towards fishing.  Some are the 'meat hunter' attitude, and on the other end are the 'tree huggers,' each with their extreme outlooks.  I am not against keeping a fish to eat from time to time, but I am against the meaningless slaughter of large numbers of fish. 

If you turn them loose, they have an infinite better chance of surviving, end of story.

Hopefully, we'll catch and release that same fish again when it is fully-grown.