September 2002



Had a tough day today.  Weather was beautiful, but the fish were NOT hitting where we were.  The best action we had was one fish about 10 lbs popping and boiling at the bait, but never took it.  Just couldn't force a strike from anything, one of those days.  No current anywhere contributed to the poor hitting factor.  Water(s) were 56 and 65 degrees and pretty clear at both locations.  Air was 80 and little to no wind, mostly sunny and NICE.  Fall is the best.  Seein Stripes: 0, Fish: 1.



Oh yeah, nice day and nice stripes.  Allow me to display most of the 8 fish we released today:

They were all in the 12-18 lb range and caught on gizzards.  My last fish was fooled by the famous #13 clown husky jerk retrofitted with do-it split rings and VMC trebles.  Yee ha!  Water temp was 70, clarity was 1-5 feet and poofy.  Air was 80 and NIIIIIIIIICE.  rain sucks  It was a very good day and what's scary is that it could have been better if the darn guide could keep fish on the hook.  Had one striper jump clean out of the water...only the second time I've seen that happen.  Had three surface takes and lots of hits and misses.  Just a real good trip.



DAMN RAIN.  I did manage one 17 lber before the post-monsoonal monsoon released its merciless wrath upon my perfectly-overcast, balmy fishing day.  I was about to tear into them too.  Water was clear and cold and the fish was mean.  Air temp was around 75, overcast turning to drizzle turning to heavy drizzle turning into insane drizzle turning to ludicrous drizzle...then it went plaid.  (email me if you got that because you're cool too).  Seizure later.



Rainy day.  But....we did see stripes, and touch them, and release them to fight another day.  It started out fairly nice with temp about 70 and overcast, but after a couple of hours it went downhill and ended up raining HEAVY for at least an hour.  The boat filled with water and we froze to death.  The river's clarity was way down, less than a foot and temp was 70.  The water level was WAY up and we caught fish where we will probably never be again.  We had a 16 and a 12 lber and a couple of other hits before the rain hit.  Nice fish, hellacious day.




Awesome day and somehow we managed to not get rained on all day.  Started with a gizzard roundup at about 10 AM.  They came pretty easily and we headed out with about 40 great baits.  We drove through some heavy rain and arrived at the destination where it seemed like the only dry spot all day.  Our first fish took a while to pick up and it was a feisty 4 lber.  The second fish was another mean 4-5 lber and that was where the fooling about ended.  The next 5 fish weighed in at a total of 130 lbs with weights of 20, 24, 25, 26, and 35 lbs.  It was an awesome day, and we even called it quits at about 5:00 when we ran out of bait.  A scary thing was that I hooked up and lost one fish and broke off another nice one.  Water temp 69, clarity 1-2 feet.  Air was mid 80's and dry while we fished, but driving to and from the striper source it poured hard.  

The Vols sucked hard today, maybe they should have gone fishin.

These are the photos of the 5 different fish....notice who is in most of them? not me



Me and my new boat went fishing again today.  Checked out some areas for temperature and found it to be 70-72 in some good planing areas.  Got a few baits and trolled a bit.  Had one hit and killed gizzard and then hooked up and landed a 17 lber.  Only fish caught today.  The wind got up around noon and blew about 6,000 MPH.  I joined the "get your seat blown out of the boat going down the interstate" club today also.  I guess I'll be sitting on aluminum from now on.  It was warm, about 88 degrees and muggy, mostly cloudy with some good breaks of sunshine.  Clarity and temps were highly variable.  Bait wasn't too hard to get, probably because of the slanted eyes.



Downlining trip with Ryan and Andy proved to be rainy and unsuccessful.  We saw lots of fish but couldn't get a hook in one.  



5 striped fish and a brown carp.  It was a very good day on the water.  Air temp was about 80 and mostly cloudy.  Fish were mostly big with a couple of intermittent smaller ones.  We had 30, 20, 20, 16, and 10 lb stripes and a 4 lb smallie.  Water was 70-72 degrees and clarity was 6 feet.  Water was on the rise the whole time.  The boat performed flawlessly.  Nice day, Nice fish, Nice boat, Nice weather.  

We'll miss Jordon.  He has taken a job in NY, of course as a tattoo artist.  If you follow my journal, you know Jordon is my Most Valuable Client for the year.  He has logged an unequalled 10 trips this year and rightfully holds two current Seein' Stripes records.  From sub freezing fishing at Kingston for the small stripes to hurling huge skipjack and shad at monster river stripes, he's proven to be a hardcore striper fisherman.  Thanks, Jordon.




Starting to get some time on the water again.  Early morning trip of downlining yielded no striped fish.  This evening Jason and I ventured to the boils of Loudonian and managed 5 smallish stripes up to about 4 lbs on artificials.  Water temp was 75.5, clarity 2 feet.  It rained a good portion of the time, even lightninged some.  Air temp was around 70.  Fall is nigh.



Nice day, caught one stripe about 20 lbs and had another inhale a bait only to have the hook point turn back into the bait.  Water was 73 degrees and about 5' clarity.  Weather was perfect, no wind and mid-80's.  We were done at about noon today.



First striper off the new vessel.  22 lbs and 40.5 inches.  Good first striped fish.  Fished three localitarios and only wound up with the one fish from the first place.  Water temps were 73, 58, and 69.  Will be boating more fish one of these days.



Catfishing in the outflow at Bull Run ended up in two channel cats, 2 and 8 lbs .  The first slime is in the boat and it is good.  Ran 35 miles according to gps this evening.  Outflow temp's 78.



Maiden voyage of Seein Stripes II.  She performed well and it won't be long before the stripes start rolling in.